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Meet Lil Karlito

For the Mountaineers, matching up with Kentucky isn’t even fair. Every other team has a 5. The Cats have a starting 6. The two Harrisons, Trey Lyles, Willie Cauley-Stein, Karl-Anthony Towns and little Karlito holding it down.

It’s time for the country to meet Karlito. He’s Karl-Anthony’s imaginary friend, he sits on his shoulder, cracks the whip, and you can see him chatting up the Cats forward all night. Karl-Anthony said Karlito is like a coach on the floor “He’s just trying to help me. That’s all it is. It’s not about being mean or anything. It’s about knowing he loves me so much he wants to make sure I’m doing the best I can possibly do on the court.”

What? You think that’s weird? Sure, there was that one kid in kindergarten with the imaginary friend. He’d sit in the corner talking to his finger like that boy from the Shining, and he probably went on to become an axe murderer. But his little friend didn’t have his own Twitter feed, and he doesn’t roll with a dude who goes 6’11. Karlito does both. He’s already a legend in Lexington, and John Calipari refers to him as the little man on Karl-Anthony’s shoulder.

Of course Cal loves Karlito – he recruited him. And you really think Karl-Anthony is the first baller with a magic wingman? All the greats have one. Kobe Bryant was always getting hyped with Kobito. Thought KG was just punching the basket before games? He was sparring with K-Gito. MJ wasn’t hanging his tongue; he was licking M-Jito. And of course, there are legendary stories in the state of Indiana about Larry Bird’s fake friend- The Hicko from the French Licko.

Tough enough for West Virginia to battle 5 Wildcats over 6’9, they’ve got to check one muse who stands 6 inches. Imaginary friend. Real problem. If you don’t lock up Lil Karlito, Kentucky can’t be beat-o.

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