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McGregor vs. Mayweather

Conor McGregor says he has signed a quote “record-breaking deal” to fight Floyd Mayweather and that now it’s up to Floyd to do the same.

So the two obvious questions: is it going to happen? And will it be any good if it does? Conor signing doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. But it’s obviously a big step in the right direction.

Plus, even though there was times that it seemed like it was dead in the water and everyone had moved on, there’s just too much money at stake for it not to happen. So I think it probably will.

And if it does, will it be any good. Doubt it. The press conference will be great, but the fight wouldn’t be. I love Conor McGregor. He’s one of my favorite athletes ever. But he has no chance of beating Floyd. None.

Floyd has never lost a fight. You think he’s going to lose to a guy who has never even boxed before? This is nothing more than a fat cash grab. For everyone involved. Because Conor has no chance of beating Floyd boxing. And Floyd has no chance of losing.

And why wouldn’t Conor do it? He can keep grinding out $2-3 million dollar paydays or take a shot at a $75m plus pay day. Why the hell wouldn’t he do it?

And whatever Floyd makes, it will be the easiest payday ever. Almost no risk and a huge reward.

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