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Mayweather-McGregor Eve

After what felt like years of talking, jawing, and debating, followed by months of negotiating, and weeks of promoting, it’s Mayweather-McGregor Eve. The day before the fight. We made it. We’re here. Or, to put it another way: Here we are. Here the f— we are.

And to be honest, I wasn’t totally sure we were gonna make it. Certainly not when the rumors of the fight first started. There’s no way I thought we’d be in this spot, just over 24 hours away from Floyd and Conor touching gloves. And even after the ink was dry on the deal, I still wasn’t completely sure we were going to make it. But we did. And not a moment too soon, because frankly, we were running out of things to talk about with these two. And that’s saying something, because they are two of the best promoters to ever walk the earth and that was one helluva of a promotional tour: Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and London.

Conor worked every angle. The bleep you pinstripe suit. The mink coat, that he claimed was polar bear, with no shirt. The CJ Watson throwback jersey.

And even if your city wasn’t on the tour, it sure felt like it, because it was complete saturation. After all this promotion, there can’t be too many people on the planet who don’t know what’s happening tomorrow night. So it worked. That’s the point.

And along the way, there were some laughs. Like Conor cracking Floyd for his clothes, his little legs, his little core, and his outdated ride.

And Conor running illiteracy smack at Floyd.

Floyd reminding everyone that he doesn’t have to read letters, he does numbers.

And Floyd calling Conor a quitter.

And then there were some truly regrettable moments, where each guy went into the gutter against the other, dropping slurs. Two of the greatest talkers ever didn’t need to resort to that.

Then there was the debate over gloves. Then the revealing of the belt for the winner. And now fight week is here and from the looks of it, both guys are pretty loose. While Conor has been glorified laser tag with his crew, Floyd has been hitting his strip club every night and when he’s not pounding a heavy bag, he’s pounding BK whoppers.

If you’re hitting the strip club and BK on a nightly basis, you’re either having the best week ever or the worst week ever, and from the sounds of it, Floyd seems to be having the best week ever. That doesn’t seem like a guy who’s really sweating this fight at all. And I get it. He’s never lost a boxing match and he’s going up against a guy who’s never fought a boxing match. If I was Floyd, I’d probably be shoveling whoppers into my face and chasing them with DQ Blizzards, too.

And while Floyd is punishing fast food, he’s reminding everyone that he’s not the one cutting weight before this fight, that Conor is and that maybe Conor is having a problem making weight. Conor’s nutritionist told ESPN that Conor woke up yesterday 8 pounds above the limit, which sounds like a lot but according to the nutritionist, is right on schedule for a cut, and he might even wake up this morning right on weight or only off by a few pounds. Is it an issue? From what Conor’s camp is saying, it sure doesn’t seem like it, but who knows? Is it mind games from Floyd? Definitely. And regardless, he’s going to keep hitting that “clean burning fuel” from the home of the Whopper.

And while he’s loading up on that flame-grilled goodness, the Vegas sharps are loading up on Floyd. Multiple bets of 1 mill were placed on Floyd yesterday. That’s 1 mill to win $182K. MGM took a 1 mill bet yesterday.

William Hill in Nevada took a 1.2 million wager from someone who paid in CASH. 1.2 Mill in STRAIGHT CASHY, HOMEY.

I’m not a betting expert, but having to bet a mill to win 182 grand is crazy, but these whales are looking at it like it’s free money. As of late yesterday, for every bet on Floyd, there were 12 bets on Conor, but the big money is all on Floyd. The sharks are seeing the suckers laying money on Conor with his crazy odds and they’re running in the opposite direction back to the guy with the 49-0 record. And I get it.

I love Conor McGregor, but a guy who has never boxed professionally isn’t going to beat this generation’s best boxer. Even if he is 40 years old, half McGregor’s size and took the fight on short notice.

Mayweather by TKO. Who do you like? How do you think it’s going to go?

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