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Martin Rogers

Info & Stats: USA Today Soccer Writer

All Topics: Reaction to Authorities raiding FIFA | FIFA’s corruption has been going on for years | U.S. legal system was able to make a dent in FIFA | FIFA officials have gotten away with so much for so long | FIFA being accused of doing over 150 million dollars in bribes | FIFA’s structure | FIFA president Sepp Blatter | FIFA’s presidential election is scheduled for tomorrow | Blatter was expected to get his fifth presidential term easily | Blatt is still the favorite even after the raid | Qatar being awarded the World Cup in 2022 | Qatar’s working environment |

May 28th 2015

Martin on FIFA: “They’ve gotten away with so much for so long.”

  • Martin Rogers
  • May 28th 2015

June 25th 2014

All Topics: World Cup | Uruguay’s Luis Suarez biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini | Suarez being one of the best players in the world | Suarez’s dark side | FIBA should throw the book at Suarez | USA’s heartbreaking tie with Portugal | USA is still confident | The US coming out of the amazon | Germany having 27 hours more rest than the US | US should bring in more replacements for Germany game | US and Germany’s approach to the game | Jurgen Klinsmann | Klinsmann’s done a solid job with the US National Team | Klinsmann picking up ideas from Pete Carroll | Klinsmann playing club soccer in California

Martin on Uruguay’s Luis Suarez biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini: “It’s horrible for the sport.”

  • Martin Rogers
  • June 25th 2014

Feb 19th 2013

All Topics: Oscar Pistorius being charged with premeditated murder today | Explains the charges against Pistorius | Found the prosecution’s case was pretty credible today | Pistorius defense | Pistorius saying he thought his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was an intruder | Information leaking into the South African media | South African legal system | Steroids | Love triangle | A former Pistorius girlfriend speaking badly of Oscar | Next step for the case | Time frame of when the trial may begin |

Martin on the South African media: “Not all of the information that’s being leaked to the media is correct.”

  • Martin Rogers
  • Feb 19th 2013

Jul 18, 2011:

Martin’s thoughts on Japan winning the 2011 Women’s World Cup: “Massive upset.”

  • Martin Rogers
  • Jul 18, 2011 Interview

Jul 12, 2010:

Topics: World Cup 2010 | Stars not stepping up in tournament | The new stars | The World Cup was a success | South Africa was a great host | Vuvuzelas | The Vuvuzelas bugged the hell out of me | Landon Donovan | Donovan’s stock | EPL | Fan getting beat up | The Trophy seems so small | Transfer window | Ghana | Officiating in the World Cup | Dutch were very physical | Soccer should embrace technology | MLS | The MLS’s future is bright | Spain | Huge party in Spain right now | 2014 World Cup | The host Brazil will win World Cup 2014 |

  • Martin Rogers
  • Jul 12, 2010 Interview

Jun 23, 2010:

Topics: 2010 World Cup | USA very emotional after win | Biggest win for USA Soccer in decades | So unlikely to score that late against Algeria | Landon Donovan’s redemption from 2006 | Donovan broke down in tears after the game | Had the US lost, Americans probably would have forgot about soccer for another 4 years | Disallowed goals | Bob Bradley | The Americans are playing with house money | The tournament is set up nicely for the US | France | France has been an absolute humiliation | No unity for the French team |

  • Martin Rogers
  • Jun 23, 2010 Interview

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