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Manhattan’s Draw

Every year, someone gets jammed by not getting the invite. And every year someone else does even if they do get to dance.

Take Manhattan coach Steve Masiello. You know he thought he did enough to get into the main field. Especially after nearly pulling off one of the tournaments all time upsets against Louisville last year.

So what’s his reward for nearly shocking his mentor Rick Pitino last year and going 19-13 this year after starting 2-7?? A play-in date with Hampton in the first four. How’s that grab ya, Steve?.

And if that’s not enough, what’s waiting for him, should he beat Hampton? Wait for it. None other than, Kentucky, the potential greatest college team ever. Thank you very little.

Masiello isn’t looking for any special favors. It’s a good thing too, because the Committee didn’t do him any. It never does.

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