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Log Out And Find A Life

The stink still lingers from that Sunday Nighter. Packers-Bears was straight-up one of the biggest jokes I’ve ever seen on a NFL field. The Bears are loaded offensively, with 4 Pro Bowlers and an alleged MVP candidate under center and they still couldn’t keep it within 40 points at halftime.

And yet, the most pathetic bunch of losers in the wake of that disaster didn’t have Cs on their helmets, they have Eggs for their avatars.

Think you can’t find a more ghastly display than a group of professionals giving up 6 TD passes in 2 quarters? I submit – a group of human stains threatening the head coach’s daughters.

Marc Trestman’s daughters were smashed during and after that loss on Twitter with everything from tasteless jokes, to insults, to sexual assault references to straight up death threats.

So for everyone keeping score, this is what it has come to: Tweeting at coaches and athletes is sooo 2013. Now you hit them where it hurts, seek out their loved ones, and bully them because your team got beat.

Me saying SMH isn’t nearly strong enough. You really think Chloe Trestman has anything to do with Jay Cutler throwing into coverage? Or that her sister Sara was playing safety Sunday night? What’s next for Twitter terrorists: Finding their targets’ mothers, telling them they raised a loser and then threatening them as well.

When Twitter’s good, it’s great. And when it’s bad, it’s the worst thing ever. I always say Twitter’s a loaded gun. But it’s also a cesspool of scum. Log out and find a life, losers.

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