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The Patriots won that game because one of their dbs made a huge play in the 4th quarter, and the LOB didn’t make any.

Go ahead and spend the day crunching numbers: Here are the ones that matter. Tom Brady got his 4th Super Bowl because he owned the Seattle D in the 4th quarter. Dude was down 10 points, to the best D in the game, with under 8 minutes to play. He’d been picked twice. He’d been hit all night. He was behind center staring at his legacy. And then he hit 13 of his last 15 for two t.d.’s and no picks.

50 passes for the 37 year old, and he tagged that night with the best quarter of his career. When Brady goes into the Hall of Fame, that’s the footage they should roll as he slips on his jacket: The shots of him beating the Legion of Boom, by throwing tds to Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman: An undrafted poor-man’s Wes Welker, and a Kent State 7th rounder.

If you had told me before the game that Brady would finish with 50 passes, I would have they’d lose by 3 touchdowns. Slinging it into that secondary 50 times is suicide and the only reason you’d do it is if you were getting hammered. No, if the Pats were going to win this game- they were going to ride LeGarrette Blount, right? The Blount was on the sideline. The Ugg Model was on fire.

Seattle has the best secondary on the planet. Tom Brady was better. Sure, their coach made the worst call ever, but if anybody in the LOB had made even single a play- it would have never mattered. LOB. SMH.

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