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Lionel Hollins Talks Twitter With Jim Rome

Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins admitted he has a Twitter account, but laughed when asked if he’s fully embraced it.

“I have other people that tweet,” Hollins joked on The Jim Rome Show. “I can’t get into all that. I don’t understand why you have to be happy with a million followers. What does it mean? Does it make you important, does it make you famous? I don’t need to be important, I don’t need to be famous.”

The 61-year old coach said he’s got enough critics as it is, so he doesn’t see the need to scroll across Twitter looking for more.

“It brings out the bad element that want to criticize you about what they think you should be doing and what they don’t think you are doing,” said Hollins. “Why do I need to read that? I already know myself how I feel, so I don’t need a bunch of people tweeting and telling me that.”

The former player says he’s busy trying to find ways to motivate the youth of today, not trying to be like them.

“It’s part of the social mechanism now, and I understand and being a head coach, I understand it,” said Hollins but added: “I don’t need it, it’s not important to me.”

  • Lionel Hollins
  • Nov 25th 2014

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