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Lionel Hollins

Info & Stats: Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

All Topics: Life in Brooklyn’s been an adjustment | 13 games into the season | Changing his philosophy with this team a bit | Not seeing consistent intensity | Process | Mental toughness | The league being young | Kevin Garnett | Garnett never takes a day off | Brook Lopez | Being critical with Lopez | Players today | Year off | His son Austin playing at the University of Minnesota | Austin playing overseas now | Twitter | I don’t need to be famous on Twitter

Nov 25th 2014

Lionel on his Twitter account: “I have other people that tweet.”

  • Lionel Hollins
  • Nov 25th 2014

Feb 25th 2013

All Topics: Beating Brooklyn last night | Grinding out wins | 7th straight win | Rudy Gay trade | The team responding to Gay’s trade | Gay’s history with the franchise | New management in Memphis | The business of basketball | Being a defensive team | Explains his reaction to the Rudy Gay trade | Rudy will have a good career | His contract | Thinks he will be in Memphis next year | Making the playoffs the last two seasons | Scoring and rebounding in the playoffs | Marc Gasol | Marc not getting a lot of attention because he plays in Memphis | Giving his players Joe Gibbs’ book ‘Game Plan For Life’ | Life after the NBA for his players | Players needing to manage their money |

Lionel on Rudy Gay: “He’s going to go on and have a good career.”

  • Lionel Hollins
  • Feb 25th 2013

Apr 06, 2012:

Lionel on if he thinks basketball is 80 percent mental: “I really do.”

  • Lionel Hollins
  • Apr 06, 2012 Interview

Apr 07, 2011:

Lionel on the rap that Pau Gasol’s soft: “I think anytime a big guy has skills they get labeled that.”

  • Lionel Hollins
  • Apr 07, 2011 Interview

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