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Let It All Out, Russ

And what a difference a year makes. A year ago, the Seahawks’ soundbite was Rich Sherman screaming with rage. Yesterday, it was Russ Wilson sobbing in exaltation and relief. And I see this dude working.

If you did everything in your power to give the season away… and then your guys rallied and you rebounded with the throw of your life – you’d be a blubbering mess too. No wonder Russ Wilson was a puddle after the game- he was totally unrecognizable during the game. Smart, steady, uncrackable Russ? He didn’t show up. Instead, some guy wearing #3 spent the first half throwing 2-for-9 for 12 yards and 3 picks. It was like he was having a competition with Jermaine Kearse to see who could be the worst player on the field. And Russ was winning. It couldn’t have been going any worse for Wilson than it was. But then he did what all the greats do: he just kept firing. He just kept telling himself, he’d make a play. And they’d win. And he was right.

That’s why Wilson is an elite player. He was having the worst game of his life and it didn’t matter. It’s never about the last throw, it’s always about the next one. And he knows it. You know good you have to be to throw four picks in a conference title game…and still win.?! And how good must it feel to Wilson and the “Hawks to know they can still beat a very good Packers team on Wilson’s worst day as a pro? Wilson’s still undefeated against Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in his career. Now in 13 days he faces one who’s won 3 of them.

LET IT ALL OUT, RUSS. And make no mistake. It’s not about how bad he was for the first 55 minutes. It’s about how unbelievable he was the last five. And this guy absolutely is elite.

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