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Lee Jenkins

Info & Stats: Sports Illustrated Writer

All Topics: Cleveland Cavs 2014-15 season start | Cavs’ defense | Power struggle in Cleveland? | Kyrie Irving dynamic in Cleveland | Cleveland’s chemistry | Kevin Love | Sacrifice | David Blatt | Blatt’s strategically brilliant | LeBron’s role | It’s not going to get better for the Lakers this season | Lakers need to tank | Kobe Bryant’s future in Los Angeles | Nobody’s coming to Staples to see Carlos Boozer | Possible destinations for Bryant | Los Angeles Clippers |

Nov 6th 2014

Lee on if it’s going to get any better for the 0-5 Los Angeles Lakers: “No”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Nov 6th 2014

Oct 1st 2014

All Topics: Los Angeles Dodgers ‘ideal pitcher’ piece | Explains what the Dodgers are looking for in a pitcher | Clayton Kershaw | Kershaw rebuilding his mechanics in high school | Sandy Koufax’s relationship with Kershaw | Kershaw’s competiveness | Matt Stafford’s story of Kershaw playing football | Kershaw’s pitching approach | 2014-15 Los Angeles Lakers | Not expecting much from the Lakers this season | It will be interesting to see how Kobe Bryant handles this season | Kobe doesn’t want to hang on too long |

Lee on the 2014-15 Lakers: “I actually don’t expect much.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Oct 1st 2014

June 16th 2014

All Topics: NBA Finals | The Miami Heat getting off to a 16 point lead in Game 5 | LeBron James in Game 5 | The ball movement of the Spurs wore the Heat out | Dwyane Wade | Pat Riley needs a real plan to show LeBron James | If James doesn’t get the right answer he could see him looking around | Would give the Big 3’s era in Miami an A still | San Antonio’s future | Tony Parker’s free agency after next season | Tony Gwynn’s passing | Gwynn never leaving San Diego

Lee’s grade on the Big 3 era in Miami: “I’d still give them an A.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • June 16th 2014

June 10th 2014

All Topics: NBA Finals | Game 1, LeBron’s Cramps | Conspiracy on San Antonio turning the AC off | LeBron after Game 1 | LeBron seems more comfortable with scrutiny | Game 2, LeBron’s kick out to Chris Bosh | LeBron is always going to make the right play | The New York Knicks hiring Derek Fisher as coach | New York media with Fisher | Fisher is comfortable in the spotlight | Lakers head coaching job

Lee on LeBron James: “He’s always going to make the right play.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • June 10th 2014

May 16th 2014

All Topics: Thunder vs. Clippers series | Thunder trying to find themselves | Chris Paul is going to have a tough summer | Donald Sterling making it clear he’s not going away quietly | Kevin Durant’s strong finish last night | Russell Westbrook late in games | Westbrook is who he is | Miami vs. Indiana | Pacers being an offensive mess | Roy Hibbert bothering the Heat | Conference Finals this year is all about matchups | Hibbert’s play lately

Lee on Chris Paul: “He’s going to have a tough summer.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • May 16th 2014

Apr 15th 2014

All Topics: Masai Ujiri | Masai wants a superstar | Thinks Masai has the personality to lure a big time free agent to Toronto | Phil Jackson | New York getting a superstar in Jackson | Pat Riley | Los Angeles Lakers recruiting | A lot of people still believe the Lakers are a pretty quick fix | Lakers coach next season | Assumes the Lakers will move on from the Mike D’Antoni era | Chicago Bulls | Tom Thibodeau is amazing | Thibodeau running his offense through Joakim Noah | LeBron James and Chris Bosh sitting out last night | Miami Heat coasting | Expects Indiana to turn it around

Lee on the Los Angeles Lakers coaching situation: “I would assume they’d move on from the Mike D’Antoni era.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Apr 15th 2014

Jan 21st 2014

All Topics: His feature on Richard Sherman last summer | Spending time with Sherman | Sherman post-game interview with Erin Andrews | Sherman is a difficult character to get a read on | Sherman wanting to break stereotypes | Some of Sherman’s antics are hurting the stereotypes he wants to break | Wonders why Sherman is so desperate for attention | Sherman’s trash talk | Sherman is an intellectual snob | How Sherman’s teammates view him | Sherman’s method to his madness | Sherman’s childhood | Sherman’s grades in school | Sherman is one of the most interesting guys in sports | Sherman is the total opposite of a thug | Sherman vs. the Broncos wideouts | Him trying to run a route on Sherman | Sherman at media day |

Lee on Richard Sherman: “He’s a difficult character to get a read on.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Jan 21st 2014

June 21st 2013

All Topics: NBA Finals, Miami vs. San Antonio | LeBron James knocking down mid-range jumpers | LeBron’s second title | LeBron’s legacy | In the middle of LeBron legacy | LeBron may have one more city to go too | Thinks LeBron staying in Miami hinges on Dwyane Wade’s health | LeBron shaking the choker moniker | LeBron’s confidence | Tim Duncan’s misses late in Game 7 | Gregg Popovich seeming to be in a good mood after Game 7 | Pop’s split personalities | Shane Battier | Erik Spoelstra | Thinks Spoelstra is a great coach | Dwyane Wade’s knee |

Lee on if Miami’s Erik Spoelstra is a great coach: “I think he is.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • June 21st 2013

May 1st 2013

All Topics: Clippers vs. Grizzlies series | Blake Griffin ankle injury | DeAndre Jordan | Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are too much for the Clippers | Chris Paul and Vinny Del Negro’s future | Clippers taking their foot off the gas | Grizzlies playing inside-out | Grizzlies without Rudy Gay | Paul will take a long look at Blake Griffin this off-season | Blake needing to be a star | Dwight Howard’s future | The Lakers roster is old | Mike D’Antoni | Howard could look at Houston’s core | Not sure Howard embraced playing in Los Angeles | Howard act in Game 4 vs. Spurs | Jason Collins coming out | Jason Collins’ value right now | There’s a better chance Collins won’t play next season and that has nothing to do with his sexuality | Thinks Kevin Durant can carry the Thunder to the NBA Finals without Russell Westbrook | KD’s got to go back to gun slinger mode | Durant being sick of finishing 2nd |

Lee on what it would mean to the Clippers organization if CP3 doesn’t re-sign with them: “They’d be back to the ice age.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • May 1st 2013

Feb 15th 2013

All Topics: Feb. 14th for the Lakers | Jerry Buss being hospitalized | Future of the Lakers organization | Jim and Jeanie Buss’ relationship | Tension between the Buss family | Jerry being a great owner | Kobe Bryant | Kobe wanting no joking or goofing around | Dwight Howard | Howard’s demeanor | Kobe and Dwight’s relationship is clearly strained | Kobe wanting to be Dwight’s big brother | Dwight’s health | Mike D’Antoni | Thinks some of these problems with the Lakers would not exist if Phil Jackson was there | Howard not buying into the high pick and roll offense of D’Antoni | Still thinks Dwight will re-sign with Lakers because of the money | His story on the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest | Michael Jordan being frozen out of his first All Star game | Michael’s legacy with current players | MJ vs. LeBron | LeBron needing to win more titles | Kevin Garnett saying this will be his All Star game | KG and Kobe’s approach to the game |

Lee on the state of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise: “The present is bleak and the future is cloudy.”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Feb 15th 2013

Nov 09, 2012:

Lee on the Lakers firing Mike Brown 5 games into the season: “It smacks as some star being discontented with their coach.”

Listen to this interview:

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Nov 09, 2012 Interview

Oct 23, 2012:

Lee on LeBron James’ future: “I do think he will end his career back in Cleveland.”

Listen to this interview:

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Oct 23, 2012 Interview

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