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LeBron James Jr. Mixtape

As we round in 2015, for a viral video to start trending… Doesn’t it have to be surprising? Apparently not. Because the highlight tape of LeBron James Jr. is the least surprising video I’ve ever seen.

A fat guy falling off a diving board on America’s Funniest Videos feels like a twist ending compared to Bron’s kid breaking 3rd graders ankles. No way…. Little Bronnie has game? How’d that happen?

What’s YouTube going to tell me next? That Anderson Silva’s kid can kick and Steve Perry’s son can sing.

To everybody geeking on the mixtape… How did you think Bron Jr. was going to ball? What? Like that apple was going to just fall from the tree and junior was going to bounce it off his foot and then ride the bench in perpetuity?

Please…Ohio State coach Thad Matta has already said LBJ JR is on his radar. Of course. He’s probably already on Jason Kidd and Rick Carlisle’s radars. And he’s on every talking head’s topic list for 2026.

You can see it already. Look at the kid… Why is he facilitating and not beasting?. Is he afraid to take the big shot…Or is LeBron Jr. just about making his teammates better? It’ll be the same gasbags having the same debates they had about his old man.

My thing is, while the tape is great, I was actually a little let down by it. Kid’s 9 years old and he’s not throwing down yet? I figured Bron’s kid would be dunking in diapers. Ask me he’s already falling behind. Teach him the chalk toss, hit him with a headband and coach ‘em up, DAD.

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