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LeBron Doesn’t Fight

You ever wonder whether LeBron will ever fight? Well a big ol 7-footer up in Canada just tried to find out. Every alpha has to go eventually, right? Kobe brawled with Reggie Miller. Mike tried to choke out… Reggie Miller. But some dude could hit LeBron with a knee lift and he’ll just mean mug him. Shoot, James Harden just kicked him in the jewels and LBJ didn’t even get in his face. He makes Blake Griffin look like Bones Jones. He’s just not a brawler. And you gotta believe Raptors big man Jonas Valanciunus knew that when he tackled him last night.

Look at the King getting all heated! You mad bro? If you’re not, You should be. That arm rip right there? That’s Bron’s version of a jump kick. That’s what we’ve come to expect, and really, I can’t say that I blame him for it. I’m not going to crack a guy for keeping his cool and not letting his hands go. Bron’s been to the Finals five times without fighting anyone. MMA is not in his DNA, and that’s okay. He’s always been more Magic that Michael, and it’s not like Erv was punching Isiah.

They were practically (necking) on the floor before big games. . The King said last night he’s got to protect himself. No you don’t. That’s why the Cavs got you hired muscle in Kendrick Perkins. Yo Perk – what did you think of that big dude dropping your guy? “It’s just bullshit. That ain’t cool. ..we ain’t got time for that type of shit. That ain’t cool.” That’s Perk doing work. I speak Perk, I’ll translate. We ain’t got time for that. And if there’s a next time, it’s gonna be go time. Props to Lebron for not getting suspended, and Perk says the next guy who tries him is gonna get the hands. He’s got PLENTY of time for that.

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