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Lamest Gimmick Ever

A lot of teams have their own sideline gimmicks to motivate players. Ole Miss rocked an NWO championship belt they passed around… Miami rocked a giant gold chain…. A&M rolled out a band scepter? But notice how none of them chose a TRASH CAN… you know, the universal symbol for GARBAGE!

Then again, none of them have a head coach like one Lyle Allen Jones… aka Butch. If you’re a college football fan, you know all about Butch. The dude on Rocky Top who doesn’t concern himself with SEC championships, because his seniors have quote won the biggest championship, and that’s the championship of life.”

An SEC coach who actually said that….and you know What’s even better than that??, his take on recruiting, quote… “Everyone gets into the whole two-star, three-star, four-star, five-star thing. The only five-star that we even concern ourselves with is a five-star heart. We want five-star hearts and five-star competitors.”

Who is this dude, an SEC coach or Dr. Seuss?

But if Vol fan hasn’t mashed in his skull by face palming this dude’s one liners yet, then they certainly did last night… Because this bad comedian has turned to prop comedy. From wearing orange tops, to mimicking Carrot Top.

You catch a glimpse of Butch’s new motivational tactic last night? Not sure how you could’ve missed it. The thing was trending for most of the game. I’m talking about the Trash Can Tennessee was lifting up on the sideline.

Apparently, whenever Tennessee’s defense gets a turnover, they run to the sideline and dunk the football into the trashcan that says H.T.B. which stands for Hunt the Ball…yeah, I’m not so sure that dog of a defense will hunt.. not when it’s getting gouged for 535 yards on the ground and another buck twenty through the air.

Throwing up a trash can on the sideline would probably be the lamest gimmick anywhere on a team with a great defense; and it is without question, the lamest ever on a team with that crappy a defense. I mean, if there’s a worse look, it’s not coming to mind.

With Butch’s hot seat, rep and meme-worthiness, I’m not sure I’d have ANY trash can on the sidelines. Let alone hoisting one up and celebrating with it. I mean, what’s next? Hoisting up a literal toilet? FLUSH THE COMPETITION! CLOG THE HOLES! PLUNGE INTO VICTORY!

A trash can?! Honestly, football coaches who still bury game balls can’t believe how lame that is. I’m looking to take food of anyone’s table; or get anyone fired: but that gimmick is a borderline fireable offense.

And how about the coach or graduate assistant who has to hold that can up. Think about that… one of Tennessee’s coaches’ job is to hold up a trash can for the entire game. Some teams put assistants to work to break down game tape, or chart formations and schemes mid-game. Not Tennessee. They pay a guy to hoist a Rubbermaid barrel in the air. I mean, that guy has to be the ONLY G.A. in the country who encourages his parents to NOT watch the game. The coach whose job it is to keep the team back from the sidelines thinks Trash Can Coach’s job is lame.

Sure, Tennessee squeaked out the win. I guess? But you could say that was more Georgia Tech losing than those Garbage Can toting Volunteers winning. And yet here we are… And sure I’m surprised… Surprised Tennessee didn’t douse ol’ Butch with a Gatorade full of hot sewage.

Vol fans: a win is a win, and you’ll take it any way you can get it. And no, you shouldn’t give a damn about what anyone else says or thinks about you. Unless they’re telling you how lame your team’s trash can act was on the sideline. Then you better take that under advisement. Because it really was that bad. And that lame. And that embarrassing.

Damn good thing you did win, because now you at least have a chance of living that down. Actually you don’t.

This guy could win a national championship and he’d still never shake the image of that trashcan on the sideline. I’m not in the business of cracking college kids, because they’re not paid; but you know they’re embarrassed by that trashcan. And if they’re not, they should be.

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