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Let’s be clear: Usually scoring a go-ahead touchdown in the 59th minute of a football game is a good thing. Usually scoring with 73 seconds left in a football game means you’ve got the game on lockdown. Usually a 17-play, 79-yard drive that takes 8 MINUTES and 43 SECONDS is the story of the ball game, especially when Dak Prescott ends the drive like THIS:

But not when Aaron Rodgers is on the other sideline. And not when the Pack are in Jerry World. Because for the second time in nine months, Rodgers had the ball in his hands in the game’s final minute. And for the second time in nine months he ripped the heart out of the Cowboys chest.

Down 3, 73 seconds. No Jordy Nelson. No Ty Montgomery. No starting left tackle. Doesn’t matter. Put the ball in Number 12s hands and the Pack are gonna win. Especially if they’re playing America’s team.

A perfect back-shoulder throw to Davante Adams. A quick toss to Marty B takes them across mid-field. Two snaps and the entire stadium already knew what was coming. A draw play takes the Packers to the 32, now they’re within Mason Crosby’s range. At this point, every Cowboy fan on the planet would’ve conceded the field goal and taken their shot in overtime. And then Rodger’s converted a 3rd-and-8 with his feet, shaking loose of TWO tacklers then high-stepping it down the sideline. And after taking a shot at Adams on the fade in the end zone, Rodgers had the same look and the same coverage. And this time, he didn’t miss:

How many times do we have to tell the same story? A beat-up Packers team walks into somebody else’s house. Patchwork O-line. Some new guy at running back. Receiving corp beat to hell — a game winner to a guy taken off on a BOARD just 10 days ago. And they walk out winners because the guy behind center for the Packers is better than everybody else.

The only thing surprising about that comeback was that it wasn’t surprising at all. It was expected. The Cowboys knew it was coming, too. You legitimately could’ve made an argument that the Cowboys were better off having Zeke take a knee at the 1, and then roll the dice that Zeke could ram it in — just so they never gave the ball back. Hell, Dak acknowledged the dilemma after the game: “I mean you’re playing with fire with trying to do that I mean those guys get paid on defense too so if your running out trying to get it to 3rd down and you’re trying to waste the time it’s a slippery slope there so for us it’s important to get in the end zone and put the pressure on them and trust the defense.”

EHHHH! Wrong answer, Dak.

Look, to nobody plays the position like Aaron Rodgers. Nobody carries his team the way 12 does the Packers. And as long as there’s time on the clock and the ball is in his hands, he’s every defense’s worse nightmare. And yesterday afternoon, with the Cowboys BADLY needing a W on their home turf, Rodgers proved once more than he’s the baddest man on the planet. That he’s a true Cowboys killa.

Now that’s some Kryp’nite.

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