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Knocking Out The Nose Candy

Weird thing happened Monday on my radio show. Jon Jones no-showed. He has been on multiple times before. UFCers are total pros. Turns out- he was headed to rehab for blow. The UFC Light Heavyweight champ tested positive for traces of cocaine back on December 4th. Not adderall. Not HGH. Bones Jones was doing bumps of the booger sugar.

The same guy who makes his opponents look like they’re on angel dust… was tooting the Bolivian Marching Powder as he prepared to fight Daniel Cormier. As to the questions of why he was even allowed to enter the octagon? And why didn’t they rip his win and his money? Because, at least in this case, the UFC takes it’s lead from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which adheres to the World Anti-Doping agency…and WADA doesn’t punish out of competition, recreational drugs. As long as Bones wasn’t hoovering the toot or baking on his way into the cage, they don’t care.

Roids? Big problem. Blow, no problem at all. But it does beg the question, what’s the world’s best fighter, maybe the best fighter ever, bumping lines of the White Mosquito, at all. I’m no drug counselor, but if he’s smashing the Paradise White before the biggest fight of his career, he has a drug problem. And now he has an image problem.

Michael Jordan of MMA? Not if he’s getting a DUI and annhiliating the California Cornflakes. . 45 was only addicted to doubling down. Jones is already in rehab which is exactly where he should be. Get help. Get right. Knocking out the nose candy is your next big fight.

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