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King of Dublin

It’s come to this – Conor McGregor’s pressers are better than most MMAers’ fights. His interviewers should be on Pay Per View. I didn’t think the UFC could give us something as electric as Rowdy Ronda winning in 14 seconds, and then I saw McGregor rip the champ’s belt in Dublin.

McGregor fights featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 189, and I’m actually shocked that the presser didn’t set off a riot.

Aldo’s world class, and totally brass- because he walked on stage in front of a horde of McGregor hooligans and declared himself the King of Dublin. B-Hop chucking Felix Trinidad’s Puerto Rican flag in San Juan thinks that could have gotten him killed. In Aldo’s case… it just got his belt ripped and the kingdom reclaimed.

That thing was about 5 seconds from rubber bullets. Big ups to Dana White for holding them apart, Jerry Springer style if Springer was sandwiched by two world-class fighters instead of dudes who cheat with their wives’ sisters.

But here’s a question – how the hell are these guys going to make it until July 11th for the fight? Because McGregor’s already calling his shot. Quote: “It’ll be done in one.”

And I’ll call mine. The sport already has its queen. McGregor’s got strikes like Bones Jones and swagger like Ali. He’s the King of Dublin, and he is one KO away from being the King of the UFC

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