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Kevin Byard on his six interceptions in 2017: ‘I’m kind of in a zone’

Over the past two games, Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard has intercepted five passes, pushing him into the NFL lead with six interceptions in 2017. Byard joined The Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio Thursday and talked about his performances against Cleveland and Baltimore, and where his confidence level is after after two incredible weeks.

“I won’t say it’s a hot hand with interceptions at all, I just feel like I’m kind of in a zone right now,” Byard said. “I’m not even talking about just picking the ball off. When it comes to everything, I’m just reading my keys, doing what I’m supposed to do, playing my technique—what I’ve been coached to do in practice. I just feel like I’m kind of in a zone right now, where everything is clicking.”

The second-year safety believes quarterbacks should know better than to keep throwing at him. But he’s glad that they do.

“I’m always fine with them to keep trying me,” Byard said. “I felt with the amount of interceptions I had in college, I would think some quarterbacks would know this guy is kind of a ball hawk. But I’m not going to say anything. I’m not going to let the secret out. I’m just going to keep playing my technique and picking the ball off if the ball is in the air.”

Winners of three in a row, Byard says that after a slow start, the AFC South co-leaders are now playing tough, hard-nosed Titans football.

“We want to be physical. We want to be one of the most physical dominating teams,” Byard said. “The next part is together. We have a special togetherness on this team that I don’t think a lot of team have. I don’t know if it’s being a small-knit town or whatever, but we really enjoy being around each other in the locker room and in practice.”

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