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Kentucky Doesn’t Deserve Your Hate

Before we start the Madness, I think we need to get something straight: Kentucky doesn’t deserve your hate. I know a lot people have built up the Wildcats as these evil overlords, the Bond Villians of the bracket. You think the spirt of the 2015 tournament is 63 vs. 1, you’re rooting for anybody but Kentucky, and you even penciled the Cats for a round 2 upset.

Quick question – have you ever even seen them play? Because I think you’ve convinced yourself that they’re everything wrong with college basketball – but they’re a lot closer to everything that’s right. So save all your gripes. THEY’RE A BUNCH OF CALIPARI ONE AND DONERS. No they’re not. Marcus Lee, the Harrisons, Dakari Johnson – they all came back to college. Willie Cauley-Stein came back twice! THEY’RE JUST A BUNCH OF ME-FIRST NBAERS IN WAITING. No they’re not. Their leading scorer gets 11 a night, and NINE dudes average 5 or more points per game.

I know, I know you blowhard haters want someone who plays for the name on FRONT of the jersey. That’s exactly what UK does. You just hate that jersey says Kentucky. If you honk Louisville, I respect the UK hate. And if you just hate Calipari out of principle, I’m not here to talk you out of it. But the Cats are sitting on 34-0, not just because Calipari can roll potential NBA’ers out there, but because they play the right way. They’re unselfish, relentless; they share the ball, dee up fiercely and go to the glass. And they pick each other up. They sacrifice. They defer.

You hate, they dominate, I educate. They’re the #1 overall seed. Not Public Enemy No.1. If you just can’t watch the Madness without a place to put your hate, put it on UCLA who has no business being there in the first place.

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