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Ken Berger

Info & Stats: CBS Senior NBA Columnist

All Topics: Rockets win over Cavs | Playing without Dwight Howard | LeBron’s shots | Derrick Rose’s injury | Psychological impact on Rose | Anthony Mason’s passing | Kobe’s future health

March 2nd 2015

Ken on the Rockets recent success: “One thing that troubles me is they are playing well without Dwight Howard.”

  • Ken Berger
  • March 2nd 2015

All Topics: NBA Free Agency | The Big 3 opting out | Dwyane Wade’s decline | Wade’s possible pay cut | The Big 3 needing help | The NBA wanted to level the playing field with their new salary cap | Miami’s options | Carmelo Anthony’s road show | The Lakers pitch to Anthony | 35 year old Kobe Bryant | Jeremy Lin | Jason Kidd’s move to Milwaukee |

July 3rd 2014

Ken on if he thinks Melo will leave New York: “No, I don’t.”

  • Ken Berger
  • July 3rd 2014

June 11th 2014

All Topics: NBA Finals | San Antonio ‘Team Dominance’ in Game 3 | Spurs offensive philosophy | Spurs defense | Kawhi Leonard’s defense on LeBron James | Miami looking out of it in Game 3 | Mario Chalmers deserves the heat he’s getting | Donald Sterling | Los Angeles Clippers worth | Donald vs. Shelly Sterling | Donald wanting to detract from the NBA’s marquee event | David Stern | Adam Silver’s actions against Sterling |

Ken talks NBA Finals.

  • Ken Berger
  • June 11th 2014

May 14th 2014

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Doc Rivers going off on the officials after last night’s game | The Clippers have themselves to blame for that meltdown | Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook’s play down the stretch | Startling to see Paul meltdown | Paul was nearly flawless in this series until the final minutes of last night’s game | The Indiana Pacers did not show up in Game 5 vs. Washington | Indiana’s season | Doesn’t think anyone knows Indiana’s problem | Donald Sterling’s interview with Anderson Cooper | Sterling just gave Adam Silver more ammunition to get him out | Expects Sterling’s ownership to be terminated sometime this month by the other league owners | Shelly Sterling | A lot of people will want to own the Clippers

Ken on the controversial Game 5 ending between the Clippers and OKC Thunder: “The Clippers blew that game not the referees.”

  • Ken Berger
  • May 14th 2014

Feb 19th 2014

All Topics: Trade deadline tomorrow | Mavs-Lakers maneuvering for Kevin Love | Lakers not having enough assets for Love right now | Wolves telling everyone they will not move Love | Love being a free agent after next season | Tony Allen rumors | Pau Gasol’s future with the Lakers | Pau’s health | Nobody wants to give up draft picks | Carmelo Anthony | Anthony’s future in New York | Does Anthony want a ring? |

Ken on if Pau Gasol will be with the Lakers after tomorrow’s trade deadline: “My gut feeling is he will be.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Feb 19th 2014

Dec 12th 2013

All Topics: His 3 part series on nutrition in the NBA | Los Angeles Lakers | Dwight Howard was running a chocolate factory in his body | Howard eating the equivalent of 24 Hershey bars a day | Howard’s sugar addiction | Lamar Odom’s love for candy back in the day | Intervention with Howard | Dwight changing his sugar habits | How can Dwight play at a high level while eating that much sugar? | Bullet-proof coffee | Rod Strickland’s diet of pizza and hot dogs before games | Ray Allen | Allen’s new diet |

Ken on Dwight Howard’s sugar habit last season: “He was running a chocolate factory in his body.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Dec 12th 2013

Oct 29th 2013

All Topics: NBA Season tips off this season | Heat vs. Bulls | Expecting a huge season from Derrick Rose | Rose maybe better than he was before | The East getting better | Brooklyn Nets | The talent the Nets have | Nets have hatred for Miami | Western Conference | Houston Rockets | It will take time for the Rockets to jell | Dwight Howard should be Defensive Player of the Year every season | Los Angeles Lakers | Kobe’s return | Lakers expectations | Bryant’s competiveness | Riggin for Wiggins | Tanking | The worst thing in the NBA you could be is mediocre |

Ken on Kobe Bryant’s return: “I wouldn’t expect him back before Thanksgiving.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Oct 29th 2013

July 1st 2013

All Topics: NBA Free Agency | The latest with Dwight Howard | No real favorite with Dwight | Dwight’s tendency of changing his mind | Houston’s pitch | James Harden | Howard asking Houston about the possibility of adding a 3rd star | Howard’s priorities | Top Free Agents after Howard | Lakers sales pitch | Kobe, Nash and Gasol’s age | Los Angeles market | Dallas Mavericks after Howard | Dirk Nowitzki | Mark Cuban is an expert salesmen | Brooklyn adding Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce | Nets vs. Heat | How little Mikhail Prokhorov cares about the luxury tax |

Ken on the Dwight Howard free agency sweepstakes: “I caution anyone to think there’s a favorite right now.”

May 21st 2013

All Topics: His piece on Dwight Howard not being a lock to re-sign with the Lakers | Pieces around Dwight in Los Angeles | A lot of uncertainty in Los Angeles | Houston with James Harden and Kevin McHale may be intriguing to Howard | No state income tax in Texas | Rockets are set up very nicely | The young group in Houston may have more cracks at a title sooner than the Lakers | Kobe Bryant’s point of the Lakers always finding a way to figure things out | Its harder to find a way to figure things out in today’s new financial landscape | Knows some people in Dwight’s circle are not thrilled with Mike D’Antoni | Mitch Kupchak being old school | Explains how the Lakers are trying to sell Howard | Howard being very fickle | Dwight wants to be liked |

Ken on where he thinks free agent Dwight Howard will end up: “I have always felt he ultimately will re-sign with the Lakers.”

  • Ken Berger
  • May 21st 2013

Feb 19th 2013

All Topics: NBA Trade Deadline two days away | Thinks there will be less movement than people expect this season | It’s just harder to make deals now than it use to be | Kevin Garnett to the Clippers rumors | KG’s bleeding green comments | Thinks Danny Ainge is conflicted | Dwight Howard | Doesn’t think the Lakers will move Dwight | Lakers can reload without Howard | Howard’s relationship with Kobe and Steve Nash | Doesn’t think Dwight gets it yet | Jerry Buss | Jim Buss | Miami Heat | LeBron James playing the best basketball of his career | OKC Thunder

Ken on if there is any chance the Lakers will move Dwight Howard before the trade deadline: “I really doubt it.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Feb 19th 2013

Jul 11, 2012:

Ken on where Dwight Howard wants to go: “Brooklyn or bust.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Jul 11, 2012 Interview

Apr 18, 2012:

Ken on the Miami Heat’s offense: “LeBron James needs to be the point guard.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Apr 18, 2012 Interview

Feb 14, 2012:

Ken on Jeremy Lin’s time in New York so far: “He’s not only treaded water but he’s dominated.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Feb 14, 2012 Interview

May 19, 2011:

Ken on if the Heat would have won Game 2 against Chicago without Udonis Haslem’s contribution: “Probably not.”

  • Ken Berger
  • May 19, 2011 Interview

Jan 06, 2011:

Ken weighs in on why OJ Mayo missed the following game after an alleged fight with Tony Allen: “Not sure, but I heard his face was pretty beat up.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Jan 06, 2011 Interview

Dec 20, 2010:

Ken thinks Dwight Howard wants the big stage of “Los Angeles or New York.”

  • Ken Berger
  • Dec 20, 2010 Interview

Jul 27, 2010:

Topics: Chris Paul | Does Chris Paul want to stay in New Orleans? | The Hornets new regime | Can New Orleans come up with a plan to satisfy Paul | Hornets have some bad contracts | Paul’s agents | Chris wants to do what LeBron did | Monty Williams and Dell Demps need some time but I’m not sure how much Paul has | Chris Paul’s list | Hornets list | What’s fair value? | LeBron’s influence on Chris Paul | Miami’s big 3 | How do you guard Wade and LeBron? | LeBron leaving Cleveland | LeBron’s legacy | Kobe’s legacy if he beats Miami | Shaq | Thinks Shaq will play next year | Tracy McGrady | Doesn’t think Chicago should sign McGrady |

  • Ken Berger
  • Jul 27, 2010 Interview

Jul 09, 2010:

Topics: LeBron’s decision | The way LeBron went about this was horrible | The show was total mockery | All 3 stars on the same team, is bad for the NBA | Pat Riley is going to have to do a great sales job | LeBron’s legacy | James took the easy way out | The 3 incorporated the AAU mentality on the highest level | It would be more difficult to stay and win in Cleveland | Cleveland’s reaction | Lived in Cleveland; understands what their going through | Burning jerseys | Losing the Browns | What do the Cavs do now | Josh Childress, Ray Felton |

  • Ken Berger
  • Jul 09, 2010 Interview

Jun 28, 2010:

Topics: 2010 Free Agency | LeBron James | LeBron’s future | James is the CEO of LeBron Inc. | LeBron wants to win championships and become a global icon | LeBron and Dwyane Wade | LeBron’s legacy | Chicago | New York | Miami | Dwyane Wade’s thoughts | Thinks Wade wants LeBron | Wade wants rings | LeBron playing for a 1st year head coach in Chicago | Tom Thibodeau | Phil Jackson | Jackson’s physical

  • Ken Berger
  • Jun 28, 2010 Interview

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