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Kelvin Benjamin Is A Liar

Former Florida State star Kelvin Benjamin is a good young player. But he’s a liar. Just saying.

Because the Panthers rookie wideout is claiming he tanked his 40 so he could play for the Panthers.

Benjamin told ESPN that he purposefully ran a slow 40-time at the combine so he would fall in the draft because his dream was to play for Carolina.

You know how I know that’s not true? Because no one’s dream is to play for Carolina. Certainly not a Florida kid. What- like when 7-year old Kelvin went to a Panthers game back in the 90s, saw Kerry Collins chucking it to Rae Carruth and just fell in love with the franchise? Doubt it.

Especially since jogging through that 40 probably cost him a couple million. Dude ran a 4.6… And then was the 5th wideout taken. And Benjamin would have us believe he had a 4.4 in him… But then Tampa might have taken him. Probably could have killed the broad jump too. But then he might have ended up in Baguar gear. Can’t have that, right? Bro, it’s not like you play in Denver or New England. That jersey says Panthers… Not Packers.

Maybe you’re just messing around. Maybe you’re trying to sell that to the fan base. But they know better. If a prospect is tanking a 40… It’s because they want to AVOID going to Carolina. I’ll believe Kelvin ran slow for the Panthers right around the time I believe his college quarterback aces the Wonderlick.

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