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Keep Tiger Out Your Mouth

Is Tiger Woods laying out, trying to fix his dome, back and swing? Or was he shut down by the PGA for using performance enhancing drugs? That’s what Dan Olsen, a former PGA’er seems to think. Appearing on 730 AM The Game in Michigan friday, he says a reliable source told him Woods has been suspended for a month, quote, “I heard he’s on a month’s suspension…it’s kind of a strong witness.”

He added that woods could quote, “surpass Lance Armstrong with infamy.” And no sooner than he rang the Woods is doping bell, he tried to unring it saying, “everything I said on that radio interview was only my opinion and not based on any first hand knowledge or fact. I want to make a full retraction to everything I said for the entire radio interview.” First of all, who are you? And if no one knows you, why is anyone interviewing you? And why are you popping off about the alleged greatest golfer ever wthout having any first hand knowledge or facts?

And you seemed pretty sure of what you were saying just a few days ago. So either you just changed your mind, or someone got to you and changed it for you. Which one is it either? I’ll give you this: if Woods ever did get busted for PED’s, he probably would “surpass Lance Armstrong with infamy” but until that happens, what do you say you keep Tiger Woods out your mouth. Whoever you are.

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