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Keenum To Broncos

Looks like The Kirk Cousins sweepstakes were officially too rich for Denver’s blood. Because as the free agent Quarterback Carousel starts spinning, the horse Broncos GM John Elway plans to ride into 2018 is… Case Keenum. Adam Schefter reported late last night that Keenum will sign with Denver when free agency officially opens Wednesday afternoon, meaning one less team on the market looking for a new quarterback, and a nice pay day for Keenum.

Keenum got right, at the right time, and now he’s getting paid. Reportedly somewhere between 18 and 21 mill per season. Not bad for a dude who is about to suit up for his fifth team in five years. But that’s the going rate for a solid starting q.b, in a league that has too few of them. And John Elway better hope he gets this Case Keenum signing right because he himself admits, he doesn’t rebuild, they missed the playoffs each of the last two years and he whiffed when he moved up to get Paxton Lynch.

Again, we all know the saying, if you have three quarterbacks, you really have none. Find me a more disastrous quarterback room than the one they have in Denver with Trev Siemian, Pax Lynch and Brock Lobsta. So they had to do something, and Keenum was the best they can do.

He’s better than what they have but what exactly are they getting with this guy? And you have to wonder why the team that had him, that went 11-3 and to the NFC title game with him, was willing to let him walk? The Vikings, unlike the Broncos, obviously think they can do better than Keenum.

In a market like this, the Broncos were never going to outspend teams like the Vikings and Jets, both with millions more in cap space. We knew that. Elway knew that. And Keenum knew that. And whether GM and QB will admit it, they both used a little bar room economics to make this decision. I’m not going to call this a marriage of convenience. But let’s just say that they both wanted to call the Uber before midnight, making sure they got something of substance before the lights went up at the end of the night and there was nobody left on the dance floor.

Don’t get this twisted; Keenum’s more than a consolation prize… But he’s not a guy who is going to put a team on his back and win you games by himself. Give him some weapons on the outside, a good running game, and a defense, and he can win you plenty of football games. He did in Minnesota. Now Elway’s is hoping he can do it in Denver as well, because the three guys he already sure as hell couldn’t.

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