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Just Bank It Baby

It would be easy to sit here and just take the red hot Chiefs over the embarrassing Raiders everyone would.

But not me.….let me try and make an argument for 0-10 Oakland: there’s a famous saying in the NFL: you are what your record says you are. But I’m going to call bull on that. Especially in the case of the 0-10 Raiders.

Let me tell you something. They’re the best 0-10 team ever. They’ve played San Diego tough…twice…and Seattle…and New England. Shoot, a play here, a play there, and they could easily be 1-9.

Plus, this is a rivalry game, they hate each other: so you can throw their records and everything else out the window…because none of that matters when two fierce rivals like this get it on.

Plus, it’s a short week. And a divisional game, where they know each other so well. And it’s a given, Oakland is going to win at some point. You know they are. There’s no way this team runs the table backwards. You know what? Screw it, I’m taking the Raiders! I am! No I’m not. K.C. 27, Raiders 10. No chance. No wins.

And the Raiders are more likely to move to L.A. tomorrow than win tonight. Just bank it baby.

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