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Jordy Nelson on Aaron Rodgers vs. Tampa Bay: ‘He fought through a lot of stuff’

Green Bay Packers wideout Jordy Nelson gave props to his quarterback and favorite to win the league MVP, Aaron Rodgers, for fighting the flu and battling through a calf strain in the teams’ 20-3 win over Tampa Bay. The win clinched the Packers a NFC playoff berth for the sixth consecutive season.

“It was big, he fought through a lot of stuff,” Nelson told The Jim Rome Show. “We needed him out there, he knew that and he’s the leader of our team and our offense, and puts us in situations to be successful and allows us to make plays. So we needed him, he knew it was a big game he knew we had to get in the playoffs and he toughed one out for us.”

With the NFC North title on the line this Sunday and a first round bye at stake, Nelson expects to see Rodgers on the field in Lambeau vs. Detroit.

“I would be surprised if he wasn’t,” said Nelson. “He will have a week of rest obviously they will take care of him this week whatever needs to be done to make sure he’s ready to go.”

In their week 3 loss at Detroit, Nelson said the offense didn’t do their job.

“When we played out there offensively we didn’t do a very good job of staying ahead of the chains we had a turnover early in the game that gave them 7 points,” said Nelson. “Our defense played extremely well there, and allowed us to stay in the game but offensively we never got in a rhythm.”

The Super Bowl XLV champion also had praise for the play of second year running back Eddie Lacy and says he’s made everyone’s job easier and the team will need more of the same if they’re going to make a deep playoff run.

“He’s getting after it, I think he’s one of the harder runners in the league, he’s hard to bring down,” said Nelson. “It’s great to have him, it makes us have another weapon and it forces the defense to bring an extra guy down in the box which then allows us to have our one on one matchups on the outside that we enjoy. So it’s great to have that balance to keep that defense a little confused on what might happen and allow us to get in the play action game.”

  • Jordy Nelson
  • Dec 22nd 2014

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