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Jordy Nelson

Info & Stats: Green Bay Packers Wideout

All Topics: Voted one of the 6 team playoff captains | Addressing the team | Showdown vs. Detroit | NFC North on the line this weekend | Being on the same page with Rodgers | Needing the younger wideouts | Attention | Rodgers’ yesterday | Rodgers’ health | Losing to Detroit earlier this season | Eddie Lacy | I think Lacy is one of the harder runners in the league | James Franklin | Time with Franklin |

Dec 22nd 2014

Jordy on Aaron Rodgers playing through pain yesterday: “He knew it was a big game.”

  • Jordy Nelson
  • Dec 22nd 2014

Oct 23rd 2013

All Topics: Never easy to win in the NFL | Beating Cleveland | Jarrett Boykin’s game against Cleveland | Boykin was just waiting for his opportunity | Aaron Rodgers | Jermichael Finley being carried off on a stretcher | When you see an injury like Finley’s you second guess what you’re doing with your life | Crazy how our minds work | Football is not a game you can play half speed | Facing Greg Jennings and the Vikings | Comments Greg’s made towards Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers | Learning to play with Rodgers

Jordy on when you see an injury like Jermichael Finley suffered last Sunday: “You start second guessing your career.”

  • Jordy Nelson
  • Oct 23rd 2013

Oct 15, 2012:

Jordy on their 42-24 beatdown of the Houston Texans: “It’s good to get on the winning side of things.”

  • Jordy Nelson
  • Oct 15, 2012 Interview

Dec 12, 2011:

Jordy on if he wants to try for team perfection? “Yes.”

  • Jordy Nelson
  • Dec 12, 2011 Interview

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