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Jones vs. Goodell

Jerry Jones has threatened to sue the NFL if a contract extension for Roger Goodell is approved by the league’s compensation committee. He says he will sue the other owners on that committee personally, if they go through with this. Uh oh!

What exactly is he so pissed about?. Well, for one, that Goodell suspended Ezekiel Elliott. And the way he handled anthem protests, the moving of two franchises to L.A., and his explanation of declining TV ratings.

But pretty much, just that the commissioner suspended Jones’ most important player: so, Jones would love to off Goodell. Not only because he’s pissed, but because he could then look to replace him with his own candidate, which in effect, would make the Jones the commissioner himself, and give him even more power: something if you ask the other owners, he already has way too much of it.

Question is, does he have a strong legal case to stand on? Probably not. He himself was one of the people in favor of the process in place for negotiating a deal with Goodell. He’s the single most powerful owner in the league but he’s going to need some help to get this guy run and I’m not sure he has it. Or enough of it.

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