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John Smoltz

Info & Stats: Former MLB Pitcher and Current MLB Network Analyst

All Topics: St. Louis Cardinals being investigated for hacking into the Houston Astros computer network | Cardinals having the best record in baseball | Cardinals organization | Kansas City Royals | Internet All-Star voting | Thinks someone has hacked internet All Star voting | Boston Red Sox struggles | Red Sox have to get better offensively | Tony Gwynn |

Jun 16th 2015

John on if the St. Louis Cardinals did in fact hack into Houston’s computer system: “That would be shocking.”

  • John Smoltz
  • Jun 16th 2015

Sept 29th 2014

All Topics: No Yankees or Red Sox’s in the postseason | Kansas City being back in the playoffs | Wild Card game | Not a fan of the Wild Card | Pittsburgh’s will | One game playoff | Doesn’t think an ace should pitch the Wild Card | Dodgers starting rotation | Kershaw and Greinke | Loves the Dodgers – Cardinals series | Kershaw vs. Wainwright | Kershaw’s under a lot of pressure | Derek Jeter’s legacy

John on the Wild Card: “I don’t like it.”

  • John Smoltz
  • Sept 29th 2014

Aug 5th 2014

All Topics: Tony Bosch surrendering to the DEA today | David Price making his Tiger debut today | Price, Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer | Oakland Athletics additions | Trade deadline | Oakland’s offense | Yasiel Puig moment last night vs. Angels | Puig moments | Los Angeles Dodgers | St. Louis vs. Los Angeles in the NLCS might happen again | Pittsburgh vs. Arizona | Pittsburgh hits a lot of guys | Retaliation | Umpires policing the game |

John on Detroit’s starting rotation: “It’s really good.”

  • John Smoltz
  • Aug 5th 2014

Sep 4th 2013

All Topics: Los Angeles Dodges turnaround | Yasiel Puig | Don Mattingly’s patience | Hanley Ramirez play | The Dodgers pitching | Clayton Kershaw | Would pay to watch Kershaw pitch for the rest of his life | Kershaw has the total package | Kershaw’s numbers | Dodgers ownership | New York Yankees | Yankees 2 ½ games out of AL Wild Card | Joe Girardi deserves manager of the year | Yankees experience | Patrick Corbin | Innings limit? | Everybody’s body type is different | The eye test | Injuries happening more | Stress on an arm |

John on Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw: “He’s the one guy I’d pay to watch play for the rest of my life.”

  • John Smoltz
  • Sep 4th 2013

Mar 13th 2013

All Topics: World Baseball Classic | Team USA beating Puerto Rico yesterday | David Wright stepping up | Thinks Team USA has to play big this time in the WBC | Italy almost beating the Dominicans | Team USA never making it to the final round of the WBC | Thinks Team USA is taking the WBC more serious this time around | The brawl in the Canada – Mexico game | Mexico losing their cool | Run differential matters in the WBC | The fight could be a good thing for the WBC | The intensity at the WBC |

John on if Team USA could win the World Baseball Classic: “I think so.”

  • John Smoltz
  • Mar 13th 2013

Jun 15, 2012:

John on why he never got nervous: “Cause I wanted it so bad.”

  • John Smoltz
  • Jun 15, 2012

May 04, 2012:

When he would shag flyballs with the Atlanta Braves, “I enjoyed the standing ovations, when I’d rob a homerun in BP”

  • John Smoltz
  • May 04, 2012

Apr 27, 2011:

John on why he’s not pitching anymore: “I don’t want to be average.”

  • John Smoltz
  • Apr 27, 2011 Interview

Jun 08, 2010:

Topics: Stephen Strasburg debut | Smoltz’ 1st game was against Mets | Totally different back then compared to now | Strasburg has dominated in a short period of time | The expectations for Strasburg are just too much | Stephen has to slow down the game | Today’s pitching | Perfect games this season | Steroid era | Hitters are just not making adjustments | Stephen Strasburg’s makeup | Bryce Harper’s makeup |

  • John Smoltz
  • Jun 08, 2010

Apr 02, 2010:

Topics: Keeping his foot in the door, not 100 % retired | Has some interest from Clubs | Happy to be broadcasting | Pedro Martinez half season could happen | Would have done some things in Boston differently | St. Louis gave him the chance to get back to postseason | No regrets | If he had been more selfish it could have prolonged his career | Never wanted to give opponent an edge in anyway | Happy with options now | Promised himself he would not continue pitching if his flame wasn’t full | Never thinks about Hall of Fame.

  • John Smoltz
  • Apr 02, 2010

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