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John Calipari on his future: ‘I’m just not a lifer, I don’t want to be doing this at 70′

With his Wildcats currently undefeated and atop the college basketball rankings, Kentucky head coach John Calipari is enjoying life in Lexington and raves about the makeup of his talented and deep squad.

“This is the most selfless team I’ve ever coached.” Calipari told the Jim Rome Show. “We have a bunch of great kids that are selfless, their numbers don’t indicate how good they’re their efficiency numbers do.”

The 55-year old coach says this team has their priorities in line and, if that sustains for future Wildcats, he can see himself staying at UK for a bit longer.

“Their dream becomes our dreams and this is a unique place for that,” said Calipari. “So as long as that keeps happening, you take it off winning and losing and championships and put it about these kids and they drag you where you want to go, this is do able.”

But Calipari knows that can only last so long with expectations rising every year since taking the Kentucky job in 2009.

“I’m just not a lifer, I don’t want to be doing this at 70, I just don’t,” said Calipari. “Now maybe when I’m 70, this stuff becomes so much fun that every year five guys are going in the first round and we’re alright, but this thing is a unique animal here now.”

  • John Calipari
  • Jan 8th 2015

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