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Joey Bats Goes Joey Bats

If I’m talking about a series between the Blue Jays and the Braves you can guess that something out of the ordinary happened. If I’m taking time on an internationally broadcast radio show that’s in over 200 markets and streamed all over the planet to talk about a 4-game series between 2 sub-.500 baseball teams, you might even think that something awesome happened.

And you’d be right.

Because Joey Bats happened. And even if the Jays slugger is running on fumes at age 36, and is off to a slow start this season, and was down 5 runs in the 8th Weds. When he came to the plate against journeyman lefty Eric O’Flaherty — that didn’t stop him from launching a rocket into the left field bleachers and chasing that with an absolute pimp job — and his signature bat flip.

And it got the most predictable reaction ever. Scratch that. Maybe the only thing MORE predictable was O’Flaherty’s response post-game to that pimp job. “That’s something that’s making the game tough to watch lately. It’s turned into Look At Me stuff, it’s not even about winning anymore… I saw the video, it’s just tired… I’m surprised he’s ready to fight against from last year.”

Listen to this guy. Like Bautista just disrespected Sandy Koufax or something — baseball and civilization crumbling to the ground — an 11-year mop-up reliever ready to enforce the code…you know… — BAT FLIPS GET FAT LIPS –this is about the most tired act ever. Can we stop? We need more bat flips. Hell, I wish Joey Bats would’ve javelin’d that thing into the outfield. Or planted it next to the plate like Excalibur and let out a scream. But that just got things started.

And if you want to see where baseball’s really going — check out what happened last night. Because you KNEW the Braves were going to “enforce the code.” And one batter into the game — Atlanta starter Julio Teheran did just that — needing 2 fastballs to DOT Joey Bats in the quad. An eye for an eye, I guess. And now people hate Bats even more than they did prior to his bomb, if that’s possible.

And that should have been the end of that. But, of course, it wasn’t. It never is with Bats, who then came up and smoked a lazer off the wall in his next at-bat, and finished with a couple of knocks on the night. Then again, at least they kept the dude in the yard, right? Congrats.

Except the same can’t be said for Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman. That’s right!! Stroman went BIG FLY, with the ultimate clap-back if there ever was one.

My man Josh Donaldson even got in on the act — from the DL — where he took to twitter MID-GAME and hit the Braves with some ultimate-smack: a 36-letter HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

New Unwritten rule. If you don’t like getting bat-flipped. Don’t give it up. If you don’t like guy styling his bomb, keep him in the yard. Because strict adherence to the code, might get you beat.

In fact, it might get you beat down. They won the first three games of the series, and then they go to enforce their tired, played code and they lose 9-0.

No one cares in any other sport if a guy style or pimps a big play. So why is this such an issue in baseball when a guy does it after the sport’s most exciting play.

And the only thing better than the code, is guys you’ve never heard of trying to enforce it.

Believe me, without that bat flip, there wouldn’t be a damn reason for me to talk about either the Jays or the Braves right now.

If you want to tell me there’s a right way and a wrong way to play the game, great. But flipping your bat isn’t the wrong way. And if you want to tell me, that since I’ve never played the game at the highest level, I just don’t get it. I’ll agree. I don’t.

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