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Joel Klatt

Info & Stats: FOX Sports College Football Analyst

All Topics: Radio Row | Flying in a jet yesterday | His father being a military man | Russell Wilson | Wilson is the perfect fit for Seattle | Andrew Luck being a transcendent talent | Wilson’s mental game | Super Bowl XLIX | Patriots history vs. Marshawn Lynch | New England’s defense | Patriots can win in several different ways | Seattle has struggled against tight ends this season | Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota | Cardale Jones

Jan 28th 2015

Joel on Russell Wilson: “The perfect fit for Seattle.”

  • Joel Klatt
  • Jan 28th 2015

Dec 18th 2014

All Topics: Jim Harbaugh to Michigan rumors | Michigan not having an athletic director | Jim Harbaugh can coach anywhere | Jim Harbaugh coaches fundamentals well | Bo Pelini’s comments about his former Nebraska AD | Pelini should have just let it go | Colorado vs. Nebraska rivalry back in the day | Growing up in Colorado | Nebraska’s remarkable fan base | Nebraska hiring Mike Riley | People love Mike Riley | College Football Playoff | Saban vs. Meyer | Oregon vs. Florida State | Johnny Manziel |

Joel on Jim Harbaugh: “That’s a wonderful job for a guy like him.”

  • Joel Klatt
  • Dec 18th 2014

Aug 25th 2014

All Topics: Long time listener | Myles Jack is his Heisman favorite | No better story than Jack this season | Thinks Jack will dominate this season | Jim Mora’s future at UCLA | Can see Mora going back to the NFL at some point | USC Trojans | Loves the Trojans defense | Justin Wilcox | College football playoff this season | Trying to understand how the playoff will work | Loves the regular season of college football | Changes he would have made to college football | Johnny Manziel | Went fishing with Randy Moss | Moss working in the media

Joel to Jim: “Finally in the Jungle, I love it!”

  • Joel Klatt
  • Aug 25th 2014

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