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Joe Montana

Info & Stats: Hall of Fame QB

All Topics: Radio Row | Starting his day with Pizza | Getting together with old friends Super Bowl week | Still wishes he was playing | Big moments of games | Super Bowl | His approach to the Super Bowl | Bill Walsh | Bill Belichick | Tom Brady going for his 4th ring | Not losing in the Super Bowl himself | Stats never being important | Hated the feeling of losing | Russell Wilson’s NFC Championship game performance |

Jan 29th 2015

Joe on the game of football: “I still wish I was playing.”

  • Joe Montana
  • Jan 29th 2015

Feb 02, 2012:

Joe’s thoughts of Radio Row: “It’s worse than standing in the pocket.”

  • Joe Montana
  • Feb 02, 2012 Interview

Feb 03, 2011:

Joe’s thoughts on Bill Romanowski: “It was a good thing, when he was on your team.”

  • Joe Montana
  • Feb 03, 2011 Interview

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