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Jimmy Loves Judy

Jim Harbaugh just had himself a day. And let me save you the trouble, Jimbo, we know: You attacked it with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Head Coaches are fanatical about their scheduling? Well, at 2:45 pm Eastern yesterday Michigan’s head coach pulled over to the side of the road to play hero. Coach came upon a car wreck on his way to the airport, helped an older woman out of her wrecked Jeep and gave her a coat.

And I have to give up mad respect for that. . If you’re driving to the airport, you’ve got your grip on, the last thing you want is a delay. And for a lot of people- when they see an accident, their only thought is – How fast they can they scrape if off the road so I can be on my way? But Harbaugh’s the perfect guy to help with a car wreck- it’s why they hired him to coach Michigan, right? Hey-o!

But there was another lady Jimmy’s mind was on yesterday, and within an hour of the car wreck, he tweeted “Big congrats to Judge Judy on signing her contract extension thru 2020 from a Devout Fan.” Jimmy LOVES Judy. She’s like his surrogate mother. I think admires her more than Coach Schembecler. Considering he also recently tweeted at Madonna… Jimmy clearly digs on some older ladies. He hypes the Judge. He helps the motorist. And he hollers at Madge. Coach may not like jive turkeys, but he loves him some cougars.

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