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Jim Mora: ‘Snoop was about as level headed, inquisitive and mild mannered as any parent we’ve ever recruited’

UCLA head coach Jim Mora said the first time he met newly signed Bruin Cordell Broadus he offered him a scholarship and it had nothing to do with his father, rap icon Snoop Dogg. Mora said an assistant coach on the team alerted him to Broadus at their camp.

“I first saw him in 9th grade, he was 15 years old,” Mora told The Jim Rome Show. “Eric Yarber our wide receivers coach goes ‘hey coach you got to watch this kid he’s really good, he’s really young but just check him out’ so I came up, I was on a different field and I just started watching this guy, and he had something to him that was different than the other receivers on the field. He had size, he had a really nice athletic build, he took coaching very well, he ran crisp routes, and he could catch the ball. And so I called him over and I talked to him for a little while and we offered him a scholarship.”

Mora’s wife Shannon thought he was nuts to offer a 15 year old a scholarship, but he did.

“I saw something in him. I don’t know why,” said the former NFL head coach. “I’ve evaluated players for a long long time certainly at a different level but sometimes you just notice something in a player that grabs your attention and you say ‘I think there’s something special with this kid.’”

Only after the scholarship offer did Mora find out who Broadus’ dad was and admits it made things interesting, but says it had no bearing on the offer.

“I found out probably a day later or within a day he was Snoop’s son,” said Mora. “So that added a little bit of intrigue to it but it didn’t change how I felt about Cordell and it never has, Cordell is here on his own merit. He’s a tremendous football player and even better young man. When people get to know him they’re going to be really impressed with his character, he’s a great kid, he’s 6 foot 3, he’s 190-195 pounds he can run, he can catch, he likes to block, he’s kind of perfect for what we’re looking for. So I feel really great he’s going to be a part of our program.”

The UCLA coach said the famous rapper set aside his love for crosstown rival USC for the betterment of his son.

“Snoop was about as level headed, inquisitive and mild mannered as any parent we’ve ever recruited,” said Mora. “He had great questions. His biggest concern with his son was his education and his life after football and could he get those things at UCLA, and it was obvious that he could. So Snoop of course has had an allegiance to USC, but blood is thicker than water, and his son is now at a great place and I think Snoop and his wife Shante are extremely excited about it, I know I am.”

  • Jim Mora
  • Feb 6th 2015

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