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Jim Mora

Info & Stats: UCLA Head Coach

All Topics: Shaking things up for Fall Camp | NCAA eliminating two-a-days | 10 days out from first game we are where we want to be | Josh Rosen | Sam Darnold | Rosen coming off an injury | Rosen expressing himself | Takk McKinley’s draft night | Takk fulfilling his dream |

Aug 24th 2017

Jim talks Fall Camp, Josh Rosen, and more.

All Topics: Starting the season at Texas A&M | Competitive nature of his team | Creating culture | Expectations | UCLA Culture | Josh Rosen | Rosen being 19 | Rosen’s talents | Rosen has become | Rosen not being afraid to express himself | Wanting Josh to be responsible with his opinions | One week only in San Bernardino this year as opposed to two

July 18th 2016

Jim on Josh Rosen’s talent: “Very unique traits.”

Sept 2nd 2015

All Topics: Excited and anxious for the first game of the season | True freshman Josh Rosen starting at quarterback | Quarterback competition | Rosen is hard to raddle | Rosen has a lot of good players around him | Testing Rosen | The world getting more and more politically correct | The good and bad side of being PC | Defense | New defensive coordinator Tom Bradley | Ishmael Adams arrest | Adams putting himself in a bad situation | Ishmael represents this school | Adams being suspended indefinitely

Jim’s feelings heading into their season opener vs. Virginia: “Anxious, nervous, excited to see where we are.”

Jim Mora

May 7th 2015

All Topics: NFL Draft’s as a college coach | Eric Kendricks being drafted by Minnesota | Brett Hundley’s fall in the draft | Surprised but not stunned by Hundley’s fall | Hundley is in a great situation in Green Bay | Hundley getting to learn from Aaron Rodgers | Hundley’s makeup | Thinks Hundley will be a starter someday, somewhere | Don’t think Hundley’s fall was personal | Green Bay gets a high character man in Hundley | Hundley will need to develop

Jim on Brett Hundley’s fall in the NFL draft: “I was surprised but I wasn’t stunned.”

Jim Mora

Feb 6th 2015

All Topics: National Signing Day this year was good | Watching kids grab the UCLA hats on National TV | Surprises | Recruiting is building relationships | Having a great staff | Player rankings not mattering | Building a culture | Soso Jamabo’s personality | Soso is special | Signing Snoop’s son, Cordell Broadus | Offering a 15 year kid a scholarship | Cordell is at UCLA on his own merit | Snoop being level headed | Snoop’s approach | Josh Rosen | Rosen is rare | Jeff Ulbrich’s future at UCLA |

Jim on their National Signing Day: “All in all it was fantastic.”

Jim Mora

Nov 12th 2014

All Topics: Beating Washington at their place | Washington being his alma mater | Brett Hundley | Hundley breaking school records | Doesn’t pay much attention to the College Football Playoff Rankings | Playing with better consistency lately | USC | Looking for a 3rd straight win over USC | State of football in Los Angeles | Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament | History with Ament

Jim on the amount of attention he pays to the College Football Playoff Rankings: “Not much.”

Jim Mora

Nov 19th 2013

All Topics: Beating Washington last week | Myles Jack | Jack being a special talent | Jack moving from linebacker to running back the past few games | Jack’s a linebacker | Jack handles the attention well | Being a complete running back isn’t easy | His team is young still | Likes the close games | Arizona State | Losing at Stanford and at Oregon | Brett Hundley’s season | Hundley responding well to adversity | Safety Stan McKay proposing to his girlfriend | The way the players responded to McKay’s proposal was awesome | College moments compared to the NFL | Don James’ passing | Lane Kiffin | Working with Lane’s father Monte | Thinks Lane is a good person and coach | Lane texting him about Myles Jack | Ed Orgeron

Jim on two way star, Myles Jack: “He’s pretty unique.”

Jim Mora

Aug 27th 2013

All Topics: Loves college football | Being around kids is great | Team expectations last season | Moving in the right direction | Wanting to compete at a National level | Young team | Mental toughness | Putting our guys in extreme situations | His players spending time with NAVY Seals | You don’t mess with NAVY Seals | Big music fan | Ditching a Led Zeppelin concert back in the day | Going to a Neil Diamond concert with his dad | Elton John concert | Macklemore | His son playing soccer | Brett Hundley | Hundley’s decision making | Hundley is special | Hundley’s family

Coach Mora on quarterback Brett Hundley: “This kid is something special.”

Jim Mora

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