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Jim Harbro

Jim Harbaugh recently hired his son, Jay, to be an assistant on his staff at Michigan. In a one-on-one interview for MGoBlueTV, Jay revealed a story that his dad once put Gatorade in cereal because they didn’t have milk. Now tell me something I didn’t already know.

I would be more surprised if a guy who rocks $8 pleated Dockers on the sidelines of NFL games used anything other than Gatorade to douse his cereal. And not just any cereal, he was probably chowing down on a bowl of Cap’n Crunch’s Oops All Berries or Kellogg’s Honey Smacks.

Let’s face it, Jim Harbaugh is still the ultimate frat boy. In fact, he’s a Jim Harbro. If we’re being completely honest, he probably went with Gatorade in his cereal because he was out of orange juice. He probably takes his bowl of cereal onto the front porch in his robe. Oh, and it’s probably around noon too. Why does he need to wake up early? Hell, after forgetting to pay his water bill, I bet Harbro poured some Gatorade into his coffee maker to brew a cup of Joe too.

His Harbro lifestyle is probably why he took the Michigan job. He just wanted to go back to college. He couldn’t give it up. He’s probably going to take another shot at rushing Sig Ep. He’s like that 7th year senior, who still hangs around the student union. You know, the one 7th year student who ISN’T in med school. That’s Jim Harbro.

He peaced out of the NFC to get fratty with SAE.

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