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Jerry Rice

Info & Stats: Hall Of Fame Wide Receiver | 13-Time Pro Bowler | Super Bowl XXIII MVP | 3-Time Super Bowl Champion

All Topics: Initial reaction to Deflate Gate | Never wanting something over your head like Deflate Gate heading into the Super Bowl | The advantages of under inflated balls | Feels like under inflating balls is cheating | Refs not knowing the ball felt soft | Maybe the refs didn’t want to make a scene | Patriots legacy | If the Pats win the Super Bowl there will be another asterisk | Super Bowl 49 | Seattle’s secondary | Richard Sherman |

Jan 22nd 2015

Jerry on if the Patriots did in fact deflate their footballs: “I feel like it’s cheating.”

  • Jerry Rice
  • Jan 22nd 2015

Oct 17th 2013

All Topics: Jim Irsay’s comments about Peyton Manning | How he left San Francisco | Would have preferred to stay in San Fran | San Francisco wanting to go younger lit a fire in him | Peyton’s motivation | Peyton in the postseason | You can’t point the finger at one individual | Rule changes to protect the wide outs now | His numbers | Feels like he would have doubled his numbers if he was playing today | Fear of failure | Never wanting to let anyone down | Life after football | Workouts | Could probably put a uniform on today | Thinks he’s in his best shape ever | Loves working out | Colin Kaepernick playing better now |

Jerry on the league protecting wide outs: “I feel like I would have doubled everything if I was playing now.”

  • Jerry Rice
  • Oct 17th 2013

Aug 03, 2010:

Topics: Nervousness about going into the Hall of Fame | Getting speech together | Nerves about the speech | Wants people to relate to his speech since it will be sincere | First walking in the locker room | In awe of the players there | Pressure on himself to have success on the field | Things Bill Walsh would tell him to help get him through adversity | Thoughts of T.O. joining the Bengals | His best opportunity to get to the Super Bowl | Antonio Bryant does not have as much flexibility in his knee | T.O. handled Buffalo really well | This could be his last chance | Haynesworth’s fitness test | Loves working out and jump-starting his day | Thoughts on Brett’s retirement possibility | Information on Proctor and Gamble’s “Take It To The House” promotion

  • Jerry Rice
  • Aug 03, 2010 Interview

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