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Jerrah’s Monday

Jerry Jones has had himself a couple of days, hasn’t he? Threatening to sue his fellow owners, losing Ezekiel Elliott, and then getting smashed 27-7 by the Falcons. Everyone has a case of the Mondays, but at this point, my man has to be feeling lower than a crippled cricket’s ass.

Where do you want to start? With the absurdity of one owner threating to sue other owners or the absurdity of the vaunted Dallas offensive line getting taken to the cleaners by the Falcons?

Let’s do the latter, because as much as Dallas missed Ezekiel Elliott, I’m going to go ahead and say they missed left tackle Tyron Smith a whole lot more, because Atlanta’s Adrian Clayborn just embarrassed Dallas without him. Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six sacks. That’s a season in a single game. Actually, that’s more than Clayborn’s had in each of the last five seasons and he had it in 60 minutes yesterday. He straight abused them.

Chaz Green replaced Tyron Smith and I’m not sure what’s the more damaging quote. This one from Troy Aikman after one sack, “That’s a pretty embarrassing play. That’s about as bad as I’ve seen someone get beat in all my years watching football.”

Or this one from Clayborn himself: “I only have one move and it worked.”

So Clayborn was just running the same move over and over and over again. And getting to Dak Prescott every time. That move was practically Kareem’s sky-hook or Mariano’s cutter, because Dallas had no chance against it. And while the blocking might have been garbage, they weren’t garbage time sacks. He had a pair of strip-sacks, two that pushed Dallas out of field goal range, and two that came on third down.

Sue his fellow owners? After that game, Jerry had to be thinking about suing his offensive line and his offensive line coach.

But speaking of lawsuits, there’s no way he’s actually serious about suing the other owners, right? That has to be Jerry just being Jerry, jumping into the spotlight and stirring it up a bit, because that’s what he does better than anyone. Well, one source told MMQB that “There is little question in my mind that Jerry Jones wants to overthrow Roger Goodell.” Overthrow!?!? Seriously? Is this a football league or a small country?

Apparently Jerry’s really bent about how much money Roger Goodell might make in his new deal. And I’d get into the details of the deal, the compensation committee meetings, and Jerry’s status as an ad hoc member, but there really is nothing more boring than billionaires fighting with millionaires over money, unless it’s billionaires threatening to sue other billionaires over a millionaire’s money.

And you can try to convince me that this isn’t about Roger Goodell suspending Jerry’s star player, Ezekiel Elliott, but that’s going to take a lot of convincing. Because Jerry voted to give Goodell an extension back in May and then changed his tune after Elliott’s suspension was announced in August. When Tom Brady was getting suspended, he didn’t really seem to have a problem with Goodell or the discipline system, but when it was his guy, he suddenly has a lot of problems. When it’s his guy, he’s reportedly telling owners on the compensation committee that he has “papers drawn up” to sue them if they don’t kick the contract back to the rest of the 32 owners.

I’ll be honest, I don’t care about Roger Goodell’s compensation or really about owners suing other owners. And I’m not sure how much Cowboys fans care about it either. But I do know that they care about the fact that they’re 5-4, they haven’t won a Super Bowl in more than 20 years, and if the season ended right now, they’d miss the playoffs. They care a lot more about that than they do about how much the commissioner gets paid and maybe, just maybe, Jerry should be more focused on that than threatening lawsuits.

AND WHAT DO YOU THINK BOB KRAFT IS THINKING RIGHT ABOUT NOW: He had arguably the best player ever suspended; not a running back, but a quarterback; and maybe the best one ever. And they had a first and a fourth ripped from them; and a million dollar fine; and for what??? Deflating some footballs. Maybe. And Kraft pretty much had to sit back and take it.

And you can bet Jones probably told him to as well: be a good partner, Bob!! Suck it up bob. Yet, when it happens to Jones, and it’s not over deflating footballs, but rather domestic violence allegations, he’s not sucking it up, or being a good partner, he’s looking to sue his partners. And overthrow the same commissioner that he probably told Kraft to respect. That’s pretty rich. And I guarantee Kraft thinks so.

The commissioner isn’t your problem. Nor the reason, you haven’t won a Super Bowl in more than 20 years. And believe me, Jerry going rogue isn’t’ going to get them any closer to that goal either.

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