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Jameis Winston Stalker

Jameis Winston showed up to his pro day with nothing to gain and plenty to lose. Including a couple quarter pounders around his gut.

He may not be the Captain of the Swole Patrol, but he’s still the self- proclaimed best player in the draft. Maybe, Jameis. Ask your wideout Rashad Greene and the TV crew you almost killed when your deep ball sailed. They’re not convinced, and neither is the team that put a spy on your flight.

Per Yahoo Sports, Winston’s QB coach James Whitfield says Jameis was “secretly shadowed” by an NFL team on one of his combine flights. Shadowed… Or stalked? Because that SCREAMS Rex Ryan to me.

And exactly what is a team going to learn with this shadow strategy… How Jameis handles himself in 24B? Never mind his arm strength, let’s see if he’ll battle for the arm REST. Can he make quick decisions? Just wait til the drink cart comes by, he has to work his beverage tree, and choose to go deep to Mr. & Mrs. T or check it down to Canada Dry. Is this guy a team player? You know the shadow was taking notes on the way Winston used his overhead bin. Gotta know if he stuffs his jacket up there like a jerk or places it under the seat in front of him like a good teammate. Is he a me-first guy? Jumping out of your seat before the seatbelt sign dings off is the move of a bag, and HUGE red flag. Want to see how he handles himself in the pocket under some heat? Put him in a middle seat. I think there’s actually MORE room in the pocket. We’d all be more comfortable standing-in on 3rd and long against the Seahawks than “sitting middle” on a red eye.

Maybe the shadow is right. The flight test is more rigorous than the combine. Apparently Jameis passed it. But considering that spare tire- he probably should pass on the packet of peanuts.

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