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Jamal Mashburn

Info & Stats: Former NBA Forward

All Topics: Hampton vs. Kentucky | Hampton has no chance against Kentucky | It would be a tall order for anyone to beat Kentucky | John Calipari’s approach to the tournament | Arizona and Wisconsin could give Kentucky a game | Calipari as a coach | Calipari has evolved as a coach | Calipari as a recruiter | BBN | Expectations at Kentucky | Kentucky atmosphere | His playing days | 1992 vs. Duke | Played AAU ball against Bobby Hurley | 1992 game vs. Duke | Christian Laettner | It seemed like Duke was destined to win that Regional game | Playing with Laettner against the Dream Team | The scrimmage against the Dream Team | Scrimmages vs. Dream Team | The intensity of the Dream Team | Rodney Rogers | Michael Jordan’s greatness among the Dream Team | Charles Barkley was by far the second best player on the Dream Team | Barkley off the court | Karl Malone | Malone’s strength | Malone’s ability to run the lane | Barkley and Malone going at it | David Robinson was a freak of nature |

Mar 18th 2015

Jamal on if Hampton has any chance against Kentucky: “No.”

  • Jamal Mashburn
  • Mar 18th 2015

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