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Jag Swag

We all know there’s a thin line between confidence and cockiness. It’s that razor thin margin that can be the difference in some of sports — hell, IN LIFE’S — biggest moments. Now when I look at this Jacksonville Jaguars team. When I see all that JAGS SWAG that’s been just dripping off these cats the last few weeks. I see that thin line. But these dudes didn’t just walk up to it., they’re stomping all over it. And telling you about it. And I freaking love it.

Because as great as it was to see the Jags walk the walk when they went into Pittsburgh last weekend with their mouths closed ,and nothing but a Louisville Slugger and a casket, it’s been even better to watch these cats talk the talk.

Now usually, I’d say that a team rolling into Foxboro with their gums flapping is a bad thing. But for the Jags — it’s the only thing. And no matter how badly the Pats try to kill these guys with kindness, nobody’s buying it:

Take Jags linebacker Telvin Smith, who hopped on Twitter earlier this week and Retweeted a Tom Brady quote calling the Jags the biggest challenge the Patriots have faced all year. Smith didn’t tag it to with “damn right.” He didn’t pound his chest. He didn’t even drop a “game respects game.” No, he basically just called BULL BLEEP on it.


The DUDE MUTOMBO’D Tom Brady. One of the greatest to ever play the game was paying his team a compliment and Smith was like, BOOM, OUTTA HERE. And while he hit the tail end of that tweet with a “respect goat emoji”, if you’re looking for a window into this team, THAT’S how this crew is wired. Like if you thought Jalen Ramsey was going to back-pedal away from calling his shot, then you don’t know these guys.

Patriots rookie defensive tackle Adam Butler was asked about the Jags All-Pro corner guaranteeing victory. And maybe because he’s a rookie and hasn’t been around the Hood for all that long, he was dumb enough to actually answer the question:

“If you’re going to make a statement like that you better be able to back it up . . . It’s a bold statement to make. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But like I said, be humble or be humbled. That’s all I can really say about that.”

Like you had to ask how Ramsey would respond to that. The answer: ONE WORD, THREE EMOJIS, Tweeting: WHO!?? with triple Crying Faces. I thought I liked this kid as much as I could like any football player and that was before I saw that Tweet. Hell it was before I saw another tweet where he dropped the following hashtag: #RESPECT THE PETTY. That has to be the greatest hashtag in the history of hashtags.

Bottom line: Jacksonville is walking into maybe the hardest place to play EVER like they own the joint. The JAG SWAG that’s on display right now is unparalleled. House money pouring from the pockets of their fur coats. And while that’s a recipe for disaster for any other team ever, it’s the only way for this team to roll. I love that JAG SWAG.

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