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Jacksonville 45, Pittsburgh 42

Prior to Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs going Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs, the story of the weekend were the Jacksonville Jaguars. They rolled into Pittsburgh and absolutely wrecked the place. Leonard Fournette, Leonard Fournette, TJ Yeldon. That’s a list of the people who scored touchdowns in the first 19 minutes of the game. 21-0 Jags before the Steelers had any idea what hit them.

Jacksonville 45, Pittsburgh 42. That was a result nobody saw coming. Well, actually one guy saw coming. Calais Campbell, who said this to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network last week.

That’s Campbell calling the potential score a week in advance. Incredible. The dude is not only a beast on the line, he’s a wizard of time and space.

And while you could focus on the Steelers play calling in key situations, which was bad, they clearly overlooked the Jags, which is much, much worse. The two fourth down calls and the decision to onside kick were baffling. Overlooking a team that beat you 30-9 in your house is inexcusable. But the Steelers did that. The Jags pounded them three months ago and then did it again.

How you could forget something like that is beyond me, but clearly the Steelers did. And the Jags made them pay for it. That stadium was nearly empty by the clock hit triple zero because Jacksonville sucked the life out of it.

And the postgame quotes were incredible. The only thing better than how the Jags showed up on the field was how they showed up on the quote sheet.

Starting with the pride of the 818, Malik Jackson, sticking up for Blake Bortles and firing back at Titan Jurrell Casey, who had some Bortles hate earlier. After watching Bortles go 14 for 26 for 214 yards and a score, Jackson said Bortles is “a dog. I want to know what Jurrell Casey has to say about him choking in big moments – while he’s sitting at home watching us next week.”


Cornerback Jalen Ramsey.


Linebacker Telvin Smith: “They thought they wanted to fight. The same (expletive) we beat last time. And they was the one talking all that (expletive).”

Look out.

Jalen Ramsey again: “Pardon my language, but we don’t give a (expletive). We really don’t care. We knew we was going to come in here. We knew we was going to do. We don’t really worry about all of that. When y’all bring that to us, it’s honestly the first time we hear about it. We don’t care about none of that. Talking is cool. You can do all the talking you want – on Twitter, to the media, all of that – but when you get on the field, you’re going to have to produce. You’re going to have to show us what you’re really about. We confident because we know the work we put in. We know the blessings the Lord has given us. So we going to go out there confident. We going to go out there swagged up.”


Linebacker Lerentee McCray: “What’s your mom say when you say something stupid? She put a bar of soap in your mouth, right? But we ain’t your momma. We’re your stepdad. We’re going to hit you in the mouth.”


Even the Jacksonville twitter account got in on the act. Steelers safety Mike Mitchell had said “We can play [the Patriots] in hell, we can play them in Haiti, we can play them in New England … We’re gonna win.”

And the Jags twitter account retweeted that with: You can play them on @eamaddennfl all offseason.

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