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J.J. Nation

Big ups to the Tennessee Titans for holding J.J. Watt to two sacks on Sunday. Sure, he forced a fumble, recovered a fumble, broke their quarterback and caught a touchdown. But it could have been so much worse.

He could have hit them with a pick-6 or housed a punt return too. Because at this point, I’m not sure there’s anything J.J. can’t do. That is, except for win the MVP of the NFL. He can’t do that. He shouldn’t do that. And he won’t do that.

I hate to be the guy to tell the J.J. Nation to slow their roll… I geek on this guy’s game as much as the next dude. He’s like a football player you create in Madden and give 99 skills to across the board. And when he does things like this, at 290 pounds, it’s impossible not to trip on him. That’s touchdown #5.

That’s more than Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald have. Combined. He’s the ultimate freak. But he’s not the MVP.

I know, I know…what happens if you take him off the Texans? I have a better question; what happens if you leave him on the Texans? They’re 6-6 and probably on the outside looking in. Don’t confuse best with most valuable, because if they’re not going to the playoffs he’s really not that valuable at all.

Watching him catch little touchdowns is cool, but he’ll be the MVP when Houston puts him at QB and he starts throwing them.

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