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Rex Ryan has tried everything to light a fire under these terrible Jets… turns out he should have just punched Geno Smith in the face. They respond to that.

Just ask the Tennessee Titans:

BAM! Right on the button. That’s the best full pads punch I’ve ever seen. Because every other one in history is moronic. But this wasn’t some idiot throwing a punch at a steel facemask. This was Titans D-Lineman Jurrell Casey LANDING on the chinstrap, and snapping G’s head back. Sort of reminded me of the Rock Em, Sock Em robots I had as a kid. You know the toy: where you smash a guy in the head, it spins around, and then pops up about a foot. That was Geno.

And the fact that he didn’t hit the canvas was one his more impressive moments this season. That shot would have stunned the Klitschko’s. The Blunt putting that Boise State bro down for a nap can’t believe Geno was conscious after that.

And it’s a good thing he was… because he was looking at becoming the first NFLer to ever get KO’d from a helmet punch. The Bonnet Knockout would be a worse look than the Butt Fumble. Jets fan has to be more fired up by what G did with his chin than anything he’s done with his arm. I know the team was. Because Gang Green turned into a street gang, swung right back, and ripped the win. The Jets have been punked repeatedly this season, but even they won’t let you just walk up and punch their quarterback in the face.

Geno says he’s shown flashes of a Pro Bowler, I say he flashed the jaw of a pro boxer. J-E-T-S T-K-O.

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