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It’s Time For LA To Front-Run

Can you feel it? We’re just hours away from Rams v. Cardinals kickoff, and I can’t wait. Yes I said it. Scan the schedule back in the Summer, and this looks like an awful Thursday nighter. In fact… scan the schedule for the last 5 years and you can’t find a Rams-Cards game you care about. But this one I’m ALL about.

Because St. Louis is one of the hottest teams in the NFC, and EASILY the baddest last place team in the league. Fact: The Rams haven’t been scored on in two weeks. They chased 52-squat with 24-Didley for the first back to back NFL shutouts since the 1940s!! I’m on record… a team of professional football players should never get shut out. There’s no excuse. The Rams aren’ just pitching shutouts, they’re STACKING them.

And don’t tell me St. Louis just beat up a couple dopes in Washington and Oakland. They also smacked Peyton Manning upside his pink head and almost shut out Denver too. And now they host a sputtering Cardinals offense that’s just trying to keep the wheels from falling off.

I’d watch tonight just to see who Jeff Fisher sends out for the KICKOFF. And I gotta say… suddenly it seems kinda cool to see these Rams in LA. Sure nobody thought that a month ago. Buuuuut now that they’ve won a few games; it’s time for LA to front-run. That’s what we do. That’s why we’re the best. And if the Rams pitch a 3rd straight shutout tonight… I will personally be there to welcome them at LAX.

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