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It’s Past Your Bedtime, Philip

From a guy spitting fire.. To a guy who was alive when they invented it. Can someone please get Philip Jackson a glass of warm milk and tuck him into bed? At least take away his Twitter. Because he shouldn’t be using it to talk about his team.

The Knicks are New York’s biggest embarrassment. They’re worse than the Jets, they’re not even close to the Mets, and yet their cantankerous old Team President wants everybody to shut up about them .

Upset with Charles Barkley’s commentary during Knicks-Bulls, Philip tweeted “Do I have to mute this game? Chuck just remember your fundamental… Key to [triangle].”

Dude- did you really just use an emoticon for “Triangle?” Who taught you that – your great granddaughter? Didn’t want to hit Chuck with the old “colon-capital P”* razzberry face? Chuck hit him right back with some truth. “He’s too old to be tweeting. Phil’s gotten sensitive in his old age.”

He’s been sensitive for decades. Now he just has a platform. And of course wants to MUTE the game. There’s nothing more OLD GUY – than just wanting some Dang peace and quiet! Phil- you know who else wants you to mute the game? Your neighbors. You’re probably watching it with the volume turned up to 80 so you can actually hear it.

I’m actually shocked Phil cared enough to watch the game at all. Pops, they’re paying you $12 mill per year, your team has lost 13 of 14 and it will probably get worse before it gets better… so , this is not the time to be jumping on Twitter and getting all ornery. Just put your jitterbug phone down, and finish another crossword. Paint some tiny soldiers. And leave Twitter alone, Bitterman.

It’s past your bedtime, and the only thing that should be muted is your timeline.

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