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It’s A First Draft

All it takes is a several distinguished gentlemen and a former Secretary of State to churn out 4 team names… And College Football turns into The Hunger Games. The names get announced. The whole world trips. And then everybody tries to kill one another.

Welcome to the College Football Playoff System, where the selection committee spits out catnip for gasbags and radio callers by telling all but 4 teams they’re not pretty enough. And big shock here, they found a bunch of dimes in the SEC.

Your current Mt. Rushmore is Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn and Mississippi.

And your radio was probably filled today with noise from “Kevin in Eugene” “Steve in East Lansing” and “Mitch in South Bend” all screaming about why their boys aren’t invited to the big dance.

Fellas – who says they’re not? The playoff doesn’t start this weekend. It doesn’t even start for the next TEN weekends. This isn’t a final judgment. It’s a first draft. And it means nothing at all right now.

And I’ll tell you the psycho who knows that: “Nicholas in Tuscaloosa.”

When asked about Alabama debuting at number 6, Nick Saban said, “I don’t even care, to be honest with you. Don’t know, and don’t care.”

Bitter? Always. But he’s also right. I don’t’ have a problem with the 4 teams on this list. Because all 4 could get knocked off it. Auburn and Ole Miss play Saturday. We’ve waited years for a playoff. If your teams not in it just wait a week and that could change… In fact… All you have to do is wait 3 days.

We spent the last three decades begging for a playoff. Don’t spend the next three months whining now that you have it.

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