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Ike Taylor on if his NFL career could be coming to an end: ‘It could be’

Veteran cornerback Ike Taylor was asked if his career in Pittsburgh and the NFL could be coming to an end after 12 seasons.

“It could be,” Taylor told The Jim Rome Show on Radio Row. “But I don’t want it to be, but I’m not in charge of that.”

Taylor said he still plans on keeping his normal off-season regiment in case he can come to an agreement with a team.

“As far as exercising and working out, I’m still working out like I’m playing for the 2015 season,” said Taylor.

The 34-year old has a good understanding of where he is in life, and knows professional football careers only last so long.

“This professional athlete thing comes to an end,” said Taylor. “12 years is a long time.”

If it is the end of his playing days, the career-long Steeler is satisfied with what he’s accomplished and will be able to walk away happy.

“If it is over, I’m cool with it,” said Taylor. “I’m going to go out with a smile. Two Super Bowl [championships], been to three.”

  • Ike Taylor
  • Jan 28th 2015

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