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Ignorance Is Not An Excuse, Rog

Welcome to Deflate Gate Day 4. And we’ve arrived at deacon 1. Everybody with a live mic, a lap top or an NFL resume is spewing scorching hot takes on The ‘Gate.

John Madden called in from the Cruiser to hang the whole thing on Tom Brady. Indy Star Columnist Bob Kravitz, the guy who was fed the story, says Bill Belichick should be immediately fired for toying with the integrity of the game. And human blowtorch Fran Tarkenton says – Who cares about deflated footballs! The real concern is the whole league is being destroyed by steroids!! That’s incredible, Francis.

Almost as incredible as the mouthbreather Nation who says The Pats should be ripped out of the Super Bowl and replaced with Indy. C’mon people. Obviously, the better idea is to break the conference format…and put GREEN BAY into the Super Bowl for a rematch with Seattle! Or Dallas for that matter! They got jobbed by the refs. It’s only fair right? But those aren’t even the worst takes. Because at least those folks HAVE one. Apparently Roger Goodell doesn’t.

Hey Rog, I get that after you derped the whole Ray Rice saga, maybe you’re afraid to say something stupid. But – say SOMETHING. Are you on vacation? Have you even heard what’s happening? To use your own words- ignorance is not an excuse. And Richard Sherman’s not getting distracted: “It’s not going to have any effect on the game. Nobody’s going to get suspended.. We’re going to play this game.” Nailed it.

The Patriots will try to rally around this nonsense. The Seahawks will ignore it. And as long as the Patriots don’t get caught cheating, again between now and Super Sunday, this will have no impact whatsoever on the game. Just try and stay in your shoes for the next ten days, deflatriots

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