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Hurricane Harvey

Obviously everything that we’re talking about pales in comparison to the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Houston area.

H-Town is a place that’s very special to me. A town that literally was instrumental in the Jungle becoming what is today.

When we syndicated this show, we did so with a grass roots effort. We literally went door to door, pitching stations on carrying the program. And at the time, when we really needed a major market to take a shot and believe in us Houston was the first one to really step up and put their neck out for us.

And since then, there have been three unbelievable jungle tour stops and countless station visits. So I would hate to see anyone, anywhere going through what the people of Houston are going through, but especially that town, where we have so many friends and business partners and associates, not to speak of legendary clones.

And to see the images of destruction are extremely painful to me. We’re with you, we’re thinking of you, H-Town. Houston strong. Stay strong.

I know what that town and the people in it or made of. And we’re all of thinking of you during this very challenging time.

In fact, if you want to help, there are two really easy ways to do so. The first is texting the Red Cross at 90-999. Text the word “Harvey” to 90-999 and you’ll be making a 10 dollar donation to the Red Cross relief in Houston right now.

The other way is a fundraiser that J.J. Watt set up. Here’s a video he posted on Twitter about how to help.

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